Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Are you in search of a massage chair that is multi-functional? There is a better performing massage chair with an all-in-one solution for full-body relaxation. This is sturdily built with an underlying L-track frame structure, an air-cell massage system, and 4 rollers.

Although each of the chair's component works independently, they give your arms, shoulders, hips, and waist maximum comfort. You can use this massage chair for yoga, and heat therapy; their functions are therapeutic.


The product comes with an instructional guide to increase the level of lumbar support and body massage. The chair works with its zero-gravity mechanism that positions different parts of your body for proper blood circulation. As the L-track system supports your neck, back, and buttocks, the leg rest doesn't leave your ankles and feet hanging. All parts of the soft-cushion massage chair work effectively to ease stress and relieve body aches.

Apart from having the multi functional use, the product can be used at home, spa, or in the office. More so, the well-stuffed upholstery adds more aesthetic beauty to the interior of your living room. It doesn't take up unnecessary room space even though it's not easily portable because of its weight.

Features of The  Massage Chair by KAHUNA

The L-track 4 Roller Massage System​

The main technology behind this exquisite massage chair is its L-track 4 roller massage system. The mechanism delivers even distribution of body support from its padded cushions. Unlike most massage chairs built with poor designs, this product is a match for rival products.

Full body support​

A unique feature about this chair is the soft cushion and support from every part of the user's spine and joints. There's the embedded neck guard on both sides of the chair that keeps the upper part of your neck and head in comfortable position while reclining.

More so, its air-cell massage technology is built to relieve your entire body from stress and this feature makes it the best recliner for tall man. The air cells system is programmable (6 Auto Programs); each of this component inflates automatically and send a twisting effect that gives deep stretch to the body. 

Zero gravity positions​

There are 3 stages of real zero gravity positions that makes the user feel weightless while using the massage chair. The product can recline, and adjust its position to conserve floor space. However, the backrest and seat of the chair can incline at an angle of 120 degrees without touching the wall.

High-end technology​

There are loads of features that come with the Kahuna Massage Chair. It has the dual foot rollers that support the lower limbs (feet and ankles), a computerized body scan technology, and five manual massage options.


  • Space saving, and zero gravity positioning mechanisms
  • It's used for yoga, massage, and heat therapy
  • It's embedded with the L-track and 4 roller massage technology
  • Independent air-cell massage technology for full-body support.
  • Dual foot rollers that work as footrest platforms
  • Computerized body scan technology


The massage chair is not easily portable, unlike other products. This chair has a dimension of 46 x 48 x 31 inches and has a massive weight of 200 pounds.

Final verdict

The all-in-one full body massage chair conserves floor space while the zero gravity positioning system has been activated. Apart from its the ergonomic structural design, there's the L-track system with a roller trail shape that supports your spine and the lumbar. After purchase, the installation setup is easy, and there are other accessories like an extra foot padding and remote control device for convenience. People consider yoga exercises as strenuous routines; so, there will be no excuse with this massage chair.

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