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Zero Gravity Full Body Best Budget Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

The electric massage chair recliner offers full body massage and has built-in heaters. While massaging your back, the heater gives warmth to your waist, lower limbs, and foot. More so the product has zero gravity feature that aligns your body to any relaxation position that suits you. It's the zero gravity feature that makes the user feel weightless. The electric massage recliner is fitted with padded cushions, 50 airbags, and fine leather upholstery. You'll feel comfortable because of the soft cushion around your arms, shoulder, buttocks, and legs.

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

Its ergonomic design gives the recliner an appealing feature and adds glamour to your living room. The massage chair weighs 440.9 pounds, and its designed for tall and big people (even users that are over 6 feet). Specifically, the product is used as a reclining and massaging chair for physical and mental relaxation.

It has an armrest linkage system, and embedded arm clip for full body massage. In the backrest are eight massage rollers, and foot rollers that work effectively. After purchasing the product, you'll find the instructional manual and installation video that helps you assemble this electric chair recliner without any hassle. This might be the cheapest recliner for sleeping.

Features of The Electric Massage Chair Recliner

Automatic control​

The massage chair is electrically-powered; it uses a corded remote controller that is fitted with an advanced high definition display screen. The digital feature doesn't prevent the use of manual programming that determines how this electric massage chair works. However, the back and footrest work independently to optimize comfort.

Rollers and airbags​

There are 50 built-in airbags, foot rollers, and 8 massage rollers embedded in the backrest. While massaging, it's the embedded arm clip that keeps the upper limbs in comfortable position. The airbags and rollers are ideal for calming aches, easing stress, and massaging the arms, shoulder, arms, and legs. More so, the rollers massage your neck and not the head.


The electric massage chair recliner is covered with PU leather. The soft upholstery is compact with ergonomic beauty, and it's easy to maintain. There's a heating device within the soft leather seat; the warmth controls your body temperature, and promote blood circulation.

Exclusive fittings​

Apart from the ergonomic armrest linkage system, the electric massage chair has a stylishly built-in arm clip. This feature secures the position of your arms during a massage session. There's ease, and proper distribution of massage rollers on your lower limbs, arms, neck, and back.


  • The shipment of this product comes with high-end packaging materials. Two boxes will be used to package the main unit and other components (like armrests) while delivering them to your doorstep.
  • There are 50 airbags, and 8 built-in massage rollers
  • It uses the zero-gravity mechanism
  • The product ensures blood circulation and proper massaging
  • It works with a corded remote controller that has the VFD display screen


It's a more expensive product, unlike most electric recliners that offer similar benefits.

Final verdict

The Real Relax chair recliner is a high-end product with built-in heaters, armrest, backrest and foot rollers. Do you need a 2-in-1 product that gives physical and mental relaxation? The electric massage chair by Real Relax relieves stress and gives personalized reclining positions.

Unlike regular products, the electric massage and heat therapy features improve this recliner chair's versatility. Despite the over 440 lbs weight of this electric massage chair, it's easy to move around because of the two attached wheels for easy movement. The extended footrest allows users with longer limbs to enjoy balance with their feet. This recliner is compatible with standard power output voltage of 120Volts (alternating current) and 60Hz.

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