XTAR Battery Charger Review – VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH USB LCD Display

This product XTAR VC4 charger (check out another awesome from XTAR VP4 plus) is manufactured to be 2 in 1 (XP4C and VC2) charger. This smart charger has the ability to detect, recharge and show charging current, voltage of the battery and capacity at which Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries charge at once.

XTAR Battery Charger Review

Also this intelligent charger can be inserted into any particular AC USB wall adapter plug, and has also be noted to charge up to 1 Amp for any 2 channel slot or 0.5 Amps for up to four channels depending on the slots available.

Features Of This XTAR VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH Battery Charger

LCD display screen: There’s an LCD display screen which is very innovative and helps to correctly display battery voltage, charging current and capacity of charge.

Smart battery detection: This product can intelligently recognize and identify a particular form of battery plugged to it, e.g. Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries with their individual information clearly displayed.

Display battery status: This charger has been tested and noticed to detect battery durability and status, and as such displays null for bad batteries that cannot be activated by the charger, and even display Err when polarity is reversed or charger is short circuit. And thereby helps protect both the charger and battery combined.

No temperature fluctuation: The charger doesn’t overheat or burn down when overheated and certain users find it very important and efficient

4 independent slots: This particular charger is built with four independent slots, in that one VC4 is equal to four individually separate chargers, which helps save you cost of having four chargers and the stress of having to interchange batteries at intervals where the batteries are fully charged.

USB and adaptor Compatibility: The charger is conveniently compatible with any type of USB power source and various wall adaptors.

Quick Charging abilities: Maximum charging current of 0.5Amp for the whole four channels or 1.0Amp for two channels helps to make sure that your batteries are fully charged efficiently and quickly.


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    Identify how fully charged your batteries are, with each interval of battery voltage being about 10% of the battery’s capacity then users can clearly distinguish when their batteries will be fully charged.
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    0 Volts activation function might help save your over-discharged batteries. Usually users are needed to dispose these over-discharged batteries, but with XTAR smart charger you can now recover them and try reusing them.
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    Its compatibility with any form of USB power port or typical wall adaptors.
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    Intelligent notification: The LCD screen will consecutively show charging and full capacities and the LED indicator will also change from red color to green color when your batteries are fully charged.
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    Different charging current modes: 0.5Amps for maximum charge preferably for 4 channels and 0.1Amperes for minimum charge modes.


  • Some users complained about the charger not having any power supply source inside, rather users have to make use of external USB slots or wall adaptors and most users find this stressful.
  • Also there are complains about the current meter not being able to give exact information as regards the charge status of the battery.
  • And not having a discharge mode which will help determine the true capacity of a battery cell.

Final Thought

This Charger for Li-ion and Ni-MH Battery is not only cheap and versatile but has a lot of high-tech qualities which many users find so innovative and stylish. And thus conveniently suits all charging problems for both Li-on and Ni-MH batteries.

In fact, this rechargeable battery charger has been noted to a better a job than a lot of other Lithium and Non-lithium chargers been sold in the market.

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