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Xtar DRAGON VP4 Plus -4 Port Charger w/4x NL1835 Batteries with Case

The XSTAR company who created the DRAGON VP4 Plus Charger has a great reputation in the market of best 18650 battery chargers and has worldwide distribution. It comes with the VP4 Plus Charger, 12V/3A adapter, one pair of probes, 3A car adapter, charger bag, manual, and a warranty card. This is a four-bay charger which is highly efficient and safe to use.

Combo: Xtar DRAGON VP4 Plus

Features Of This Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus Charge

User Interface​

This is very simple to use and easy to learn. It has three buttons — current/refresh, display, and record/test. It also has a colored indicator light. Blue means it is discharging, red that it is charging, and green means the battery is fully charged. 

The screen will show two slots at a time. You can change this by pressing the middle button. It alternates between two when charging four batteries. The screen will also show the percentage of charge, the current charge, the mode, battery type. The voltage and iR are displayed in the middle.

It also displays an animated bar effect for the charging and discharging. The screen is still readable even when the display is dimmed. The unit also beeps when the charge is complete.


The default mode of this unit is charge so the batteries will start to charge three seconds after being inserted into the unit. It has a soft start charge rate for the first ten minutes. You can also test iR and voltage with the spring loaded, gold plated test probes.


  1. Can record and playback test results
  2. Creates a beep when the charge is complete
  3. Has a colored LED for each slot
  4. Very simple user interface
  5. Contains test probes that measure the battery voltage and internal resistance (iR)
  6. Can charge a wide range of batteries
  7. Displays the percent of charge and the current
  8. Can charge USB devices such as tablets and smart phones


  • There isn’t a fan so when charging in all the slots the base of the charger can become very hot when being used for a very long time. The unit is made of sturdy and safe material, so this is not really a problem. 
  • There can be issues with the percentage charge display. It may state that the battery is lower than it really is, or vice versa. The display also shows the charge at 99% for a long time before stating it as a full 100%.
  • There is a lack of voltage display during charging which means the user cannot check if the voltage is stable or not during the charge. 
  • The charger can only charge at one rate for the four slots rather than each slot having a different charging rate. This is usually not a problem but sometimes means you have to wait for one charge to finish before starting another.

Final Thoughts

This rechargeable battery charger is an excellent choice and has many features to be impressed with. The quality of the material of the unit is stable and durable as well as being safe. 

The interface is easy to use and displays vital information, there may be some issues with the information given but it mostly works well, except for the fact that the voltage percentage is not displayed which seems like a strange omission. One brilliant function is the test probes which means you can analyze the chargers and batteries. 

This unit is designed for those wishing to analyze and charge a range of different batteries, but has a simple interface which is easy to understand. This is a very popular product for those wishing to charge batteries all in one go, for electronic items such as flashlights and vapes.

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