What To Look for When Buying a New Massage Recliner

Let’s keep it real— massage chairs aren’t cheap, but they are incredibly enjoyable. So when you decide to buy one, there are some important points to think about in order to help you make the best decision. 

Below are factors to consider when buying a new massage recliner.

Roller Design

If you are looking for a recliner for your back pain, then roller design is an important consideration.

The type of rollers on a massage chair determines the ease with which you can reach all the body parts, especially the back. A good recliner is that with a quad-roller design that can move up and down an inbuilt track.

It would be even better if this motion is facilitated by a motor and belt. Therefore, if you are looking for convenience, then you should not consider going for a fixed motor massage chair since it makes it quite difficult to reach some areas of the back. Furthermore, ensure that the rollers make as little noise as possible.


You need a recliner chair that’s very comfortable for the massage to be enjoyable. Other than just having updated electronic and mechanical systems, all kneading devices must not pop out when the chair is not in use. Otherwise, it will be quite uncomfortable to sit on the chair when you just want to use it like a regular recliner.


Many people buy massage chairs based on their cost. In some cases, you may find a very nice chair for a very low price. However, if you need a quality massage chair, you should be willing to pay a reasonable amount of money. When setting your price, you must also put into consideration factors such as the model of the chair and manufacturer.


It is not common for a massage recliner to fail a few months after purchase. However, there are times when this can happen. During such times, the seller should be able to fix the chair given its warranty period.

Note that if you do not have a comprehensive warranty, you may be forced to spend a lot of money fixing motor and power supply problems that could potentially follow these chairs..

Durability of the Chair

There are many knock off massage chairs on sale in a number of stores. Such chairs rarely meet your expectations and will break down at any moment. To avoid this, you also need to know the approximate lifespan of the recliner chair that you want to purchase.

You can tell this vital information from the warranty period as well as reputation of the brand. Typically, a good chair needs to have about three year’s comprehensive warranty. In case you are going for those rare brands, ensure that it is backed up by such a warranty.

Ease of Repair

When the warranty expires, how easy is it to repair the chair? If you ask this question before buying one, then you will certainly get a massage chair that will not give you additional problems when it comes to replacing worn out or broken parts.

Final Notes

Buying a massage chair or recliner is a huge investment, and it needs to be undertaken carefully. Once you comprehend what to look for when buying a new massage chair then the entire process is as good as done.

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