VonHaus 3.5A 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

The VonHaus 3.5A Sander review start with that it comes with nine sanding pads and three polishing pads all to enable one to achieve a clean and perfect finish that is free from sanding marks.

The random orbital motion leaves a smooth surface that has no swirl marks and soft to touch which makes the tool suitable for use on a range of surfaces including wood, metal, and plastic.

​The polishing pads come in three different types; wool, cotton, and sponge while the sanding pads are in three different grades to cater for various requirements.

It also comes with a standard dust bag and a powerful 4 amp motor that is controlled by a variable speed dial. Also equipped with a lock on switch for continuous use over long periods of time, this sander has it all to provide a perfect and smooth job.​

VonHaus 3.5A 5-inch Random Orbit Sander Review

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This 3.5A 5 inch sander has been fitted with a 4 amp motor which is quite a lot of electrical charge, and this provides sufficient power for the sander to work continuously for long periods of time. This provides the tool with the great power to sand through rough surfaces fast and efficiently.


Comfort is a factor may of us consider when purchasing a tool and the VonHaus random orbit sander has features that address user comfort. It comes with a well-designed soft grip handle for comfortable and one handed use.More to this is that the front handle is fully adjustable to suit the handling preference of the user which again ensures comfort while working with the tool.

5 inch random orbit sander

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The 4 amp motor produces enough power for the tool to work fast and without any incidences. The sander has an adjustable speed of 6000-13000 revolutions per minute which is quite a good speed to work with and helps maintain maximum control of the tool to the user's preference. To ensure that the sander is fully controlled by the user it also has a lock on switch for continuous use.

Easy To Use

The VonHaus sander has an extra-large five-inch sanding surface which helps ensure quick sanding even on larger areas. Also, the presence of an eight hole hook and loop backed base pad offers easy and quick sheet change when necessary.The sander has a 6ft 7 inch power cable that is long enough to provide ample space and large coverage area for working which makes the tool easy to use and move around with without much straining.

3.5amp 5 inch random orbit sander

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Dust Proof

Safety while using a sanding tool is a measure that requires much attention due to the dust produced while sanding. This sander has a dust extraction port well fitted and directed to a dust collection bag that stores the dust until it gets full to be emptied.

​This helps in keeping the working area dust free and does not allow the dust to clog the tool while working which proves it safe.


  • Gives a clean and perfect sanding job
  • It has dust extraction port for a clean working area
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to use
  • It gives a perfect finish to the surface
  • It is a multi-purpose tool


  • The movement is a bit restricted since it is corded
  • If the user does not well regulate the speed it can ruin the surface the tool is working on hence the speed has to be kept in check

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequent should one empty the dust bag?

A: The bag should be emptied immediately it is full to ensure that it does not clog the tool

Q: Does it come with a warranty and if so, for how long?

A: Yes, one-year unlimited manufacturer warranty.

Q: How does one know when to change the polishing and sanding pads?​

A: The type of work and surface that one is sanding or polishing is the one to determine the type of polishing or sanding pad to use for effective and quality work

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Final Verdict

The VonHaus 3.5A has what is needed to give the perfect finish to that rough surface that needs sanding and polishing and the work done by this tool is one to reckon with since it is classic and thus the tool is worth purchasing.

From experience, I assure you that this is a great tool for you. If you want a smooth sander then you don't have to worry anymore, the solution is here.​

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