Victor Technologies 0384-2045 Performer Medium Duty Cutting System

This is an awesome and flawless duty system which is ideal for welding and cutting. Equipped with optional nozzles, the product can cut and weld objects smoothly.  This cutting system is equipped with all the components and features which make smooth welding as well as cutting a reality.

The Brand name of the product is ESAB which is a recognized name in the market.  The system has several safety options which means that it is fairly safe to use this unit provided all the safety precautions are taken and followed.

Victor Technologies 0384-2045 Performer Medium Duty Cutting System

Features Of This Medium Duty Cutting System

  • The three main features of the system are Acetylene (Gas service), ess3-125-540 (Oxygen regulators) and ess3-15-510 (fuel Gas regulator). 
  • The cutting range of the unit is 3/4"- 8". Of course, option tips are very much there. 
  • The system has optional nozzles and the welding range can be as small as 1/8" and can be as large as 3". 
  • The system is equipped with check valves, built-in flashback arrestors, and a 100 FC torch handle. 
  • The cutting attachment of the system is CA 1350. Similarly, the tip grades of the product are 14' x 3/16”.  The system also has shade 5 goggles (soft sided).  
  • The dimension of the system is 5.5 x 22.1 x 12 inches. Likewise, the weight of the system is 0.16 ounces. 
  • The item has 0-3-101 cutting tip, 4-MFA-1 heating nozzle and (w-1) 0 welding nozzle. 
  •  The installation type of the system is gas-welding. 
  • The brand name of the cutting system is ESAB.


  1. The cutting system is perfect for shop, home, and farm. The torch has a wonderful balance and the overall weight is also light. The product can be very easily adjusted for both welding as well as cutting.  Moreover, the kerf that exists on the cuts is very clean and there is no presence of slag. 
  2. Acetylene is a seriously dangerous gas and can result in a serious hazard if there is any kind of leak. However thanks to the manufacturer, the safety mechanisms are excellent in this system. However, still it is not a kind of a product which you should be using if you are not a professional.  
  3. The pressure and the tips are perfect. If everything goes well, you can easily cut up to 6" of the material you are working on. 
  4. The overall packaging of the item is professional and attractive. 
  5. The system is sturdy and has a solid feel attached to it.


  • Some individuals found the gas hose too short however this surely varies from person to person.  There have been cases where damaged items have been delivered however this is also something which can happen to anyone. 
  • The gages of the system are very sticky especially if one tries to set them up. Moreover, the torch body is light duty.

Features Of This Medium Duty Cutting System

ESAB is a big name when it comes to cutting and welding consumables and equipment.  The company has been there for the last 100 years and has been providing products to different parts of the world including Europe and South America.  Currently, the company has a presence in 80 different countries of the world. ESAB has 26 manufacturing plants at the moment.  

The above-mentioned cutting system is one serious offer from the company. If you are a qualified welder and want to increase your work effectiveness and efficiency then surely this is one worthy investment for you.  The price of the system is reasonable hence purchasing it will not be a big deal for you.

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