Ins and Out Of Various Types Of Car Jack Explained In Details

Types Of Car Jack

Changing the tyre is an often moment for every car owners. Besides the tyre, which is the most important tools for this job? Ah! right, a jack.

Though a jack is commonly used for changing the tyre, but, a jack has some more necessities as well like maintenance the car and some minor repairs etc.

In this article, I am explaining about some of the common jacks used in garage.

Types Of Car Jack

Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks are a kind of jacks that are considered a must tool for the garage or vehicle owners. A jack is a tool or device that is used to lift a vehicle or other heavy objects. There are many types of jacks that are used for lifting the vehicles and are there are also many reasons for the preference that is given to any one of them.

There are hydraulic jacks, screw jacks, floor jacks and other jacks available for lifting the vehicles. Bottle jack is a kind of hydraulic jacks which work on the basis of Pascal’s law. According to this law pressure generated in one pare of a thing causes equal pressure in all other parts of the object.

Bottle jacks consist of a lever and a cylinder that is horizontally placed. The hydraulic pressure pushes the lever and the main arm is lifted. The bottle jacks are different from other kinds of hydraulic jacks in the sense that they have a longer arm while other hydraulic jacks do not have long arms.

This long arm makes the bottle jack more efficient as you can lift a thing with fewer strokes. One stroke can lift the lifting arm to a degree that the other jacks can reach with multiple strokes.

The working of a bottle jack is similar to other lifting jacks. It is used to lift a car or other vehicles to access the under side of the vehicle to perform certain operation. The most common use is at the time of changing the tires of a vehicle. The bottle jacks are easier to use and are used by the professional as well as the common car owners.

Their operating process is easier enough for a common car owner to make use of them. They are more useful and secure than other types of hydraulic and other jacks like scissor jacks. They can also serve the purpose of an automotive lift on a small scale. They also used as a support with other jacks and lifts.

There are many designs of the bottle jacks that are used for different types of vehicles. The capacities of a bottle jack also have a variety of range. Some bottle jacks are capable of lifting one ton of weight while there are also bottle jacks that can carry many tons of weight. The price of the bottle jacks also differ on the basis of their use, material and capacity.

To make the process of changing the tires safe and secure you must know the right spot for jacking the vehicle. The lifting arm is placed under that spot and by stroking the other arm it is lifted to the desired position.

The lifted position of the car make the working under the car easy but the security and safety must be ensured. There are many kinds and sizes of jack stands that can be used for making the use of bottle jacks safer. These stands can be placed under the lifted vehicle to reduce the risk of its collapsing. The bottle jacks involve less risk of collapsing than other types of jacks. That’s why they are mostly used by the mechanics.

Floor jacks

The most commonly used tool or equipment in garages or service stations is a jack which is used to lift heavy vehicles. There are many types of jacks available to performing different jobs related to vehicle repairing. Some of these jacks are called hydraulic jacks. There are many kinds of hydraulic jacks used nowadays. Floor jacks are also a type of hydraulic jacks.

Working and uses of hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic jacks work on the basis of Pascal’s law according to which the pressure in one spot of an object causes pressure of the same level in all other parts of the object. Floor jacks consist of a pump arm and hydraulic or air compression. They are also known as garage jacks or lifting jacks.

The most common use of the floor jacks is to lift the vehicles for changing tires or for accessing under vehicle machinery for repairing purposes. The floor jacks have a metal base that may also have wheels on it. These wheels help the worker to drag the jacks around easily, but they require a smooth floor not only to lift the vehicle while keeping the balance, but also to move them around.

The floor jacks come in multiple designs, sizes and capacity levels. They are very useful tool that is required by all garage owners as well as vehicle owners. The person who has to repair his car very often must have a lifting jack side by side with other tools.

The floor jack is placed at a proper point of the car and by pumping the arm the car or the vehicle is lifted. The jacks can lift a car from a few inches to one foot or more. The weights these floor jacks can support also differ on the basis of the modal and used material. This lifting capacity of these lifting jacks ranges from one ton to many tons.

Floor jacks are different from automotive lifts. They are also used as a supportive tool with these lifts. To avoid the collapsing of the cars or other vehicles the floor jacks are used side by side the automotive. Floor jacks lift the vehicle in case the power source of the lift goes out.

The reasons why the floor jacks are mostly used are:

  • They are easy to operate, and even a common person can operate them with a little guideline.
  • The wheels enable the worker to move them from one place to another.
  • The long arm and the hydraulic technology make them a favorite of a garage worker.
  • They are capable of carrying weight of more than twenty tons.
  • They can be easily fit in your car or other vehicles and will prove a big help for you on long journeys.
  • They are small in size as compared to automotive lifts and are best for personal use.

While using the lifting jacks you must ensure the safety and use all the security measures. The jack stands should also be used to enhance the security.

Hydraulic Jacks

A tool or device used for lifting heavy vehicles or objects is called jack. There are different kinds of jacks that are classified on the basis of their technology as well as use. Hydraulic jack is also one of them. It consists of two cylinders and is based on Pascal’s law. The cylinders contain fluid or air. According to the law the increase of pressure in one part of the cylinder increases the pressure in all other parts of the cylinders; the generated force is used to lift heavy objects.

Hydraulic jacks are commonly used all over the world. The most common users are vehicle electricians or mechanics. Hydraulic jacks are a must tool for any garage and every car owner needs to have it in his car for the time of need. Hydraulic jacks are used for lifting cars and other vehicles to change their tires or for other under the car operations. They are a good addition to the tools for vehicle services as it surpasses all other conventional jacks and is more reliable and useful.

Hydraulic jacks are available in different designs, sizes and level of capacity. The manufacturers are making more and more easy to use tools for garage workers. Hydraulic jack is used to quickly raise a car from the ground and perform functions like tire changing. Hydraulic jacks work better than other tools that are used to lift a car like automotive lifts as there is no risk of power going out. Some hydraulic jacks have wheels and provide you the facility to move them easily in your garage.

There are different kinds of hydraulic jacks. A few are as follows:

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks: Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are very much used for their designs. They have a long handle that pushes up against a lever and provide a lift to the main arm. They can be easily placed at tight spots.

Floor Jacks: the Floor Jacks are mostly used to lift heavy objects from the floor surface. They are most commonly used to change the tire of a vehicle. They are also known by other names like car jacks or garage jacks.

Long Ram Jacks: these jacks are also hydraulic jacks that are used for repairing purposes. They have long arms and are easy to use.

The use of hydraulic jacks is becoming very popular but the user must keep some precautions in mind while dealing with hydraulic jacks. The person using the jacks must ensure the safety measures. The right spot for jacking should be used to lift cars and other vehicles. Then there are jack stands of multiple kinds available in the market.

They should be used to support the lifted vehicle or object. The vehicles lifted by using automotive lifts should also be supported by the hydraulic jacks, so that in case of power shortage the collapse of the vehicle should be avoided. You should not go under the car to perform repairing operations until you are sure that there is no danger of collapsing the car.

Scissor Jacks

In present age every one owns cars and the number of automobiles have increased a great deal. And because of their too much use they go out of order very often. There are service garages and other repairing centers for the vehicles that need repairing. The mechanics in the car use different kind of tools which are used to repair a vehicle. These tools include jacks of different kinds, automotive lifts and other equipment. Jacks are the tools that are used to lift the vehicles a bit higher than the ground so that the under machinery of the vehicle can be accessed easily.

Scissor jacks are the most common type of jacks that come with the cars and other vehicles. These jacks are not very much difficult to use. Even a common person can use them without much difficulty. They are made of strong and tough metals. They are light weighted and work like other jacks. Their shape is different from other jacks like floor jacks and bottle jacks. The scissor jack can be distinguished for its diamond shaped arms when it is collapsed. They use motors or other electric systems to raise them.

There scissor jacks come in a large number of designs and level of capacity. There prices also differ from one model to the other. The tools you get with a new vehicle like a car also include a scissor jack. They can easily fit in a tool box or a tool place in your car. They are very handy tools when you go on a long journey. The people who like to maintain and repair their cars and other vehicles must have a scissor jack. The scissor jacks can help you to perform the following functions:

The scissor jacks are mostly used to change the tires or a vehicle. They are placed under the right point of the vehicle and then lifted by using whatever technology they are using.

The scissor jacks are also used to access the under the car machinery to perform different functions.

The scissor jacks are easy to use as only one person can lift the car with their help.

Besides the benefits there are also some short comings of the scissor jacks. There is a great danger of their collapsing if they are not fitted properly. The scissor jacks collapse very often as compared with other jacks. But the drawbacks can be overcome easily by taking some simple measures.

You should use jack stands side by side the scissor jacks and should not completely rely on the scissor jacks. You should not go under the car lifted by the scissor jacks if you are using only one jack to lift the cars. The scissor jacks should be used as supporting jacks with other jacks and automotive lifts. The capacity the scissor jacks can support should also be kept in mind. They are reliable as long as the prescribed capacity is not exceeded. The scissor jacks are a big help for a car owner if certain precaution are kept in mind.

Screw Jack

Screw jack is one of the mostly used tools that are used for car or other vehicle repairing. Nowadays everyone owns cars and other vehicles and it is not always easy to go to a service garage to get little defects repaired without spending money. That’s why many people like to work on their cars all by themselves.

Among the common tools they would need to deal with the small defects in the cars, screw jack is a necessary one. Garages and services stations have many types of screw jacks as they have to repair many types of vehicles. But for personal use you can buy a screw jack according to the needs of your car or other vehicles.

A screw jack is a tool or mechanical device made of strong metal which is used for different purposes. The most common use is lifting a vehicle. A screw jack operates by turning a lead screw which is a screw like shaft. It enhances the force given to it and makes it possible to lift heavy objects. Screw jack is also used in other machines and mechanical tools.

A scissor jack also uses a screw jack to operate. The lead screw produces tension that is turned into the force. The screw jacks are safer to use as unlike other jacks like hydraulic or bottle jacks, they are self locking devices. And can get locked as and where required. They are strong and do not get unlocked unless they are weakened by someone.  The other jacks need to be locked by the operator and this point makes the screw jacks more useful tool.

There are also screw jacks which are not self locking. Their use in different other mechanism is very efficient and of great importance. If a screw jack in a machine does not work properly it can cause disastrous effects. Greece is used to lubricate the screw jacks. The most commonly used screw jacks are used in the field of automobile services.

Generally such type of tools as screw jacks comes with a vehicle in the tool kit. Their use is also not difficult, rather they are easy to use and a common car owner can make a good use of them. They are used to lift a car a few inches to a foot or more. In the process of tire changing they can easily be used as reliable tools to lift a car.

Screw jacks like many other tools for lifting, as hydraulic jacks and automotive lifts, also come in many designs and they have a range of capacity levels to lift an object. The price of the screw jacks also differs on the basis of their material as well as modal and capacity. They are almost inexpensive as compared to other tools of lifting.

You can always buy a good strong screw jack for lifting your car in the time of need. While buying the screw jack you should  keep in mind the quality and the type of vehicle for which it is being bought.

Final Note

Hope you enjoy our afford on various types of car jacks. Which one you preferred most, let us know via comment.

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