Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner Color

The length of this chair when it's reclined is unknown; however, it's covered with a tough fabric material. More so, the product supports the full-reclining position that stretches like your bedroom's king-size mattress.

The recliner has a wall saver design that pushes the chair forward while reclining. This feature saves floor space and allows users to enjoy the option of changing the recliner's position to suit their purpose. For it's size, we considered is as one of the best recliners for big and tall men.

Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner

Are you looking for a recliner strong metal frame brackets at the base? Purchase this recliner by Stallion Comfort King Chaise; it has a tall back seat and supports a maximum of 500lbs weight. Obese adults users have no cause for worries while reclining on the less-than 170 lbs chair.

The puffed armrests, collapsible leg rest platform, side lever, and tall backrests are complimentary features that give comfort to users of this recliner chair. The well-stuffed upholstery fabric is made of high-quality materials; it's easy to clean and durable. 

Features of The Stallion Comfort King Chaise Recliner

Wallsaver design​

The wall saver design is a feature that allows more room space while reclining. Regardless of the user's weight, the wall saver feature activates to mover the chair forward. The 40 x 44 x 48 inches measurement ensures this recliner can be used in small living spaces.

Strong construction​

The metal frame bracket gives this chair the balance to hold a maximum weight of 500lbs. However, it weighs only 165 lbs that hold adults with large weight sizes. The backrest is high, it compliments lumbar support; especially for taller users. However, it might be difficult for short users to use the lever handle except they attach the lever extender.

Durable fabric​

The choice of high-quality fabric upholstery by the manufacturer makes this product durable. Without visible wear and tear, the chair can serve longer-term use. The well built giant comfy recliner is covered with soft fabric that allows you to relax comfortably. The cushion creates warmth for users to enjoy while they relax.

Full reclining​

The chair reclines extensively even if not completely because of the joint between the backrest and seat. However, users can adjust the position of the recliner with ease. They can lay on the chair like their king-size matrasses.

Ease of use​

The multifunctional nature of this double armrest chair is amazing. You could be 6 feet 3 inches; regardless of your height, this recliner offers support to your tired limbs. More so, you can choose the relaxation position that gives the desired comfort.


  • It's ideal for taller people
  • It has wide seats and tall seat backs
  • Individuals with heavier weights have nothing to worry because the product is designed to hold a maximum of 500 lbs.
  • There's a full-reclining position that makes this recliner assumes the position and length of a king-size mattress
  • It's a trusted brand from a reputable manufacturer
  • Wallsaver design


The side lever handle is difficult for short users that might use this recliner. Without attaching a lever extender, short users might not have the leverage of pulling the footrest easily while reclining. More so, the attachment gives the ease of reaching the side lever handle regardless of your height. 

Final Verdict

Tall people that need full body support with recliners can buy this product because of its versatile use. Measuring a dimension of 40 x 44 x 48 inches, the recliner is covered with soft and durable fabric that offers warmth to its users. However, the tough upholstery is supported by a base metal frame underneath the chair. While reclining, you can adjust the position and save some room space.

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