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Spray-On Liner Kit – Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

If you have tried to apply other bed liners without suitable results, it is time to conserve your money and buy our premium DIY spray-on truck bed liner kit.

Before you apply the flexible formulation on any surface, scuff very well, when you scuff lightly, the bed will experience some peeling after spaying.

The premium bed liner coat comes as a three-part blended polyurethane product which can be sufficiently sprayed on to give any thickness, with tough texture and bright colors.

The polyurethane liner is made to eliminate rusting, weather effects on metals and other damage.

Features Of This Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Spray-On

Batch mix system: Customers who enjoy our polyurethane bed liner have satisfaction because they can combine as little or much as their application requires. The three-part bed liner kit comes with polyurethane spray-on that has substrates for several applications.

The durability of a surface after coating: The bed liner leaves a smoother feel, thorough saturation constituent materials that give a unique color and a tougher layer on the body of non-metallic and other metallic surfaces.

If you have a high-budget task that requires the careful and prudent use of protective coatings, the polyurethane spray-on can outdo other paints with substrates. This because the formulation and ingredients used to enhance the bed liner ensure the durability of any coated surface.

Multi-function use: Consumers find the bed liner useful for tailboards, rocker panels, running boards, bed rails, fender wells, woods, fiberglass, automobile, and wood.

Rust prevention: The polyurethane bed liner product is resistant to solvents that promote rusting, gasoline, oil, chemicals, and flood water.

Value for money: The consumer will find the bed liner material enough to re-spray large areas successively. The high-quality polyurethane bed liner can stay in an air-tight container that makes it reusable over time.

Great adhesion: Consumers of our products find them easy to use by applying the hardener, shake up the mixed content before spraying on the scuffed surface. Ensure that the surface to be scuffed has been made clean with sandpapers.

Helps deaden vibrations and sound: Helps deaden vibrations and sound: This polyurethane bed liner kills vibration and serves a longer period after an application. Other solvents that come as bed liners do not give any lasting protection for your projects even when they have more fluid content.


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    The consumer doesn't have to wax after application since the product offers resistance to abrasion and stain.
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    This product is protected against harsh weather conditions, damp environment, corrosion salt, and extreme temperatures.
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    The consumer can get different textures by applying with a roller, spray gun, or brush. Do not apply spray-on liner directly to the affected base metal. Instead, scuff and clean the base metal's surface before using the bed liner.
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    A mixture of the product with a hardener provides great adhesion. The polyurethane raptor bed liner will fill dents, holes, and minor surface imperfections. For optimal adhesion, you will find a can of hardener in the spray-on truck bed liner kit.  Mix the hardener with the liner to promote good adhesion of surfaces with body fillers, galvanized metal, steel, fiberglass, and zinc.


More expensive than powder coating or regular paints

Final Thought

With the use of a premium high substrate polyurethane mixture, what you get is optimum durability with a protective liner that keeps your possession in great shape.

The consumer will find the truck bed liner as a protective coating for metallic equipment and any other hardware under the surface of the sun. The spray-on liner kit comes with additives and accessories for the consumer to duplicate the surface texture and layers of coating.

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