Smart Weigh GEM20 High Precision Digital Milligram Scale

It isn't just minimal and advantageous, yet it has exactly the intended effect. It brings together high exactness with perfect convenience. Highlights an open cover flip to secure the measuring stage.

The scale includes various estimation modes which will address your issues. Incorporates: g/gn/oz/ozt/ct/dwt/ and measures up to 20 grams in increasing values of 0.001 grams.

Convey it to you wherever you go and won't cover excessively space. It is smooth, reduced, and lightweight. The necessary tare work permits you get the net weight of an item you are weighing.

Features Of This Smart Weigh GEM20 Digital Scale

Multifunctional-Scale can weigh different measurements, influencing it to be ideal for all your measuring needs. It can weigh in g, oz., ozt., ct., dwt. Including gn. Regardless of whether you measure gold, powder, solution or anything for cooking this scale has the correct measurements for you!

Tare function-Scale accompanies a tare work for things that are hard to weigh and should be set in a compartment or on one of the measuring dish. Place your holder or bowl on the scale, press the tare capacity and afterward put your things in the compartment/container.

Accurate- Uses high precision sensor framework to get a precise reading inevitably. This scale has a thousandth of a gram exactness (0.001g), so it is exact.

This precision removes the mystery from estimating better things, so you can just put the stuff on the scale and realize that your reading is the most exact it can be with this top notch scale. You won't get any error with this scale if found, then check the batteries and get a charger for rechargeable batteries.

Adjustment weights included- Although your smart weighing scale will reach you calibrated, we have added two Smart weigh 10g alignment weights. Should you see any errors in your range all through your chance utilizing it, primarily utilize these weights and take the directions to re-calibrate it so you can keep on using your scale precisely.

Client service- The Smart Weighing scales are exclusively tried and can be replaced up to two years after buy, should your item demonstrate imperfect.

This product has color and dimension specifications which are silver and 3.2 x 3.7 x 1.3 inches respectively.


Ease of use: The scales designation is in such a way that it can be in use at a personal to a professional level. Its versatility is relevant for proper functionality of companies and individuals who specialize in the jewelry industry.

Proper weight limit: Maximum results are achievable only if the scale allows for additional weight. This scale has provided this feature. It has the capability of weighing a maximum of 20 grams in additions of 0.001g.

Variable measures: Measuring modes are available and iclude: g /oz / ozt/ ct / dwt / gn

The proper net weight determination: The availability of the tare key gives room for you to determine the average weight.

Extras: Aside from tweezers, this scale also has a 2 x 10g weights.


Weighing difficulty: The scale cannot weigh minor quantities accurately. You are expected to calibrate the scale regularly due to the variability in the items under measurement.

Misleading dimensions: The size measurements of this Smart scale are deluding. The actual size of the round weight system is around one inch in the distance across. It is hard to weight anything on this little base, particularly if weighting powders or using paper as the base for weighing. Any weighing is disappointing and unbearable.

User difficulty: The metal receptacle that is incorporated is additionally hard to use. It is little, thin, unsteady and troublesome position on the small round base. If your fingers are tiny and similar in size to a bit of child's and you are in possession of remarkable smoothness, at that point, this is the best milligram scale for you.

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