Secura Hot ‘n Crispy Electric Hot Air Fryer 5.3 Qt with Rack

Thinking of cutting off some calories? Then Secura electric skewers is what you need .It fries with little to no oil making it the best choice to cut off some weight without preventing yourself from enjoying some good food.

This is one of the largest air fryers in the market; it can serve a large family. Designed with locking spaces fryer basket is able to cook for a whole family.

The secure electric fryer also comes with a pan that is timed to 60 minute. The electric cooker is discovered to be of high quality and is very reliable and lasts long.

Features Of This Secura Hot 'n Crispy Air Fryer

  • This is one of the largest fryers it holds 5 liters which gives healthy and flavorful cooking. Its smudged  with a resistaneto easier  to clean
  • The secura electric is designed technologically fast, more energy efficient and uses very little oil and it does not mess the environment.
  • it has power lights and heat indicator that alerts you when food is ready.
  • The secura is easy to use setting the temperature and how to adjust and control, it has an auto switch of alert and a 60 minute timer.
  • It’s a one in all cooker that you can use daily and only takes 3minutes to heat up.
  • The fryer comes with other additional items that are helpful. The secura fryer saves energy too, and the material used is heavy helping it to last long.
  • It is designed in a one that fits the modern décor that fully complements the kitchen .its technology makes it able to bring out the flavor and without addition cooking oil and other recipe.
  • The secura fryer is 5.3 quart a good capacity spaces enough to prepare enough meal for a large family.
  • Convection innovation seals in flavor and moisture without added fat or oil.


  • It’s spacious enough and strong that it can hold things and have a big metal basket, a pan that are removable, it’s also easy to clean and safe in a dishwasher.
  • The secura electric fryer comes with skewers, a baking pan and a toaster rack that come in handy when you want to prepare multiple meals.
  • It’s very fast in cooking with just a few minutes your fries and crisp will be ready and sweet, with also digital programming that are easy to operate.
  • It has good controlling knobs which help in temperature setting and has a maximum setting of 60 minutes for cooking, and the prices are uses a very small amount of oil, but you can still use avoid the oil completely and not use at all.
  • It has a large basket that can cook food for a number of people, with the benefits of cooking without the mess, oil and calories, it has a cookbook recipes.
  • The secure electric has the best warranty of 2 years.


  • It’s built with plastic material, which is not good for the image, this makes it lose the image beauty.

    It has no separator item; in that it has a large basket it could have been very helpful.

Final Note

For a buyer looking for something classy and beautiful, the secura electric mighty not be that appealing in once eyes. The poor quality of material used to design the secura, will surely contribute to how people will prefer it interior design effects how you will make a choice compared to the other design.

Though it lacks a lot of good things the secura is a good performer but most people will prefer high quality design which compared to the 5.3 quart they save better.

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