Razor Force Drifter Kart Review, Analysis And Buying Guide

My first impression of carrying out my razor force drifter kart review below, was how business like this smart little kart actually looks.

The ultra-low ground clearance and profiled slick drifter tires make this unit look like it’s traveling at speed before you even get into the racing style seat. 

Razor Force Drifter Kart

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The classic steel framed go kart construction only serves to add further to its rugged good looks and eye-catching profile.

Powered by a more than ample 24V electric motor, this vehicle does exactly what it was designed for; it drifts, slides and fishtails aided by the race-tuned chassis and handlebar style controls. With a top speed of 12mph, riders can get plenty of revs up for those all-important head turning drifts that will make them the drifting star of their neighborhoods.

Features of the Force Drifter Kart

  • Based on the original Ground Force Design: This means that this is a true drift kart in every sense of the word and it has inherited all of its predecessor's design innovations along with some real-world updates along the way. These include a modified suspension and improved powertrain to work alongside its Variable speed chain drive which is a highly efficient and reliable motor produces that all important build up to speeds of a whopping 12 mph for the perfect drifts and slides.
  • A true race-tuned chassis: Which coupled with this kart’s low ride height and slick rear wheels the whole set-up works nicely together in poise and balance that would be well at home on a professional drift kart.
  • The great payload of up to 140 pounds: Will carry riders at full speed for breathtaking slides and drifts all over the neighborhood while the Racing seat and shoulder/lap belt will keep even the most enthusiastic rider firmly seated behind the controls as they slip and slide.
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    Trigger handlebar style mounted controls: Designed to ensure that the driver maintains accurate control at all times whether traveling straight or executing a slick maneuver with the hand operated rear brake for instant wheel locking just when you need it, makes the kart a drifter’s dream ride into every spin, slide, and fishtail.
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    Steel chassis frame: This gives the kart a rigid and stable construction while ensuring safety and the eye-catching finish is one of the reasons why this smart looking drifter is such a neighborhood head turner. The excellent power to weight distribution thanks to the karts low center of gravity, profiled wheels, and state-of-the-art batteries ensure that the power, and weight, are well matched and effective while the low profile purpose made POM tires keep the drifter stuck onto the pavement even though the wildest spins and slides.
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    Smart decals and finishing touches: Nicely round off the design that gives this unit a smart and business-like appearance whether you are speeding along or parked up in the garage. You can get up to a full 40 minutes of run time from a single full charge of the 2x12V batteries following a standard 12-hour charging cycle. Which seems to be the only downside of this kart. You would hope that with the advances in technology that there will soon be a battery that can last longer to ensure that there is hours of fun to be had from its charge.

Things that I love about the Force Drifter Kart

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    It looks awesome! And that’s thanks in part to just the way it sits on its tubular chassis and POM tires. The tasteful and eye-catching decals should also take some of the credit for that as well though.
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    The controls are precise and functional: due to the positive hand operated handbrake and comfortable trigger throttle mounted on the steering handles.
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    The kart is easy to handle: because storage and transport is a cinch with the little drifter being small enough to slide under workbenches and light enough to go on a storage rack.
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    It really is fun: and with up to 40 minutes of run time, the kids are usually tired out well before the twin 12V batteries are.
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    It represents incredible value for money: and compared to many other brands it is loaded with features that come as standard. Even to the untrained eye, the drifter appears to be well put together and looks like it can take all the usual knocks that youngster tends to dish out.
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    It comes from a good stable: based on the already successful Ground Force Drifter, riders can be confident that they are riding a thoroughbred among electric-powered karts. From the first time you sit in the seat you know that it just “feels right”.

What’s not so good?

As with this company’s entire product, it wasn’t easy to find anything to gripe about when carrying out these Razor force drifter kart review. If had to be super critical, however, I would draw a potential buyer’s attention to the following points;

  • Battery issues: because it is what it is; an electrically powered kart that means that there is always going to be the inescapable issue of battery usage. Once the 2 X12V units have discharges you will need 12 hours to bring them back up to full charge of 40 minutes of use time once again.
  • Payload increase: I couldn’t help wondering whether the drifter would appeal to a much wider audience if the makers were to “tweak” the payload and dimensions ever so slightly. This would serve to accommodate some of the older/larger drivers taking it up towards the young teenager bracket.
  • Audible warning: probably would be an inexpensive and highly useful addition to the kart especially as kids are likely to use it on the drive and street-front areas outside their homes.

Spare parts and accessories

One of the great things about the Razor product line is that there is a whole raft of spare parts and accessories available for purchase online. From replacement batteries and chargers to helmets and a whole lot more, most items are available at realistic prices if you are prepared to search the internet.

Final Note

I trust that my Razor force drifter kart review have been of some help to you in making up your mind whether it is the right kart for your purposes. It certainly adds up to exceptional value for money, especially when you stack it up against the competition by features alone.

I would recommend it to anyone who is on the lookout for a reliable and great looking drift kart that is certain to provide their kids with hours of drifting fun and entertainment. All that is left for you to do now is choose your kart and have some fun. 

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