The Razor Dune Buggy Reviews And Expert Analysis

When choosing an outdoor go kart vehicle for your children, you want something that is as fun as it is safe. While we love to see the smile on our children’s faces, we are forever experiencing those stomach lurching moments when we worry about them getting hurt in any way.

This razor dune buggy reviews seems to answer all of our dreams with yet again, another fab design built for comfort, safety and exhilaration.

Razor Dune Buggy

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The design not only looks great, it performs perfectly and encases its precious cargo in a steel tube frame with soft wheels and brilliant suspension.

The Engine

This is unlike any traditional buggy, with a built in electronic power system, cutting out any need for fuel and keeping your children’s airways clear of harmful fumes. It gives the buggy the power to reach speeds of 10pmh, making this model a safer option in comparison to others available on the market.

The engine kicks out power with 350-watt motor and a 12V rechargeable battery system and with your purchase of the buggy, the charger is included. The throttle is thumb operated and you can set the speed to a lower setting for younger more inexperienced drivers.

Safety Aspects

The buggy’s frame is made from tubed steel and takes the impact of bumps easily, preventing harm to your little riders. This model is recommended for children aged 9 and over so is suited for older kids and teens with a maximum weight restriction of 170lb, although many a parent may attempt to give it a go themselves. Wearing a crash helmet is highly recommended and advised at all times while riding in the Dune Buggy.

The Wheels

This buggy comes with 8-inch pneumatic tires which have knobs on to take it off-road and over rough or muddy terrain. It will handle just as well on your driveway and pavement. This buggy can definitely be called an excellent all-rounder.


The Dune Buggy has a bucket seat with built in seatbelt which keeps your little one nice and snug while zooming around. It benefits from a rear suspension system, a rear disc brake which is hand operated and a roll cage to keep your child in and the outside world out!


The Dune buggy should not be stored at temperatures below 33-degrees to prevent the battery from getting damaged over prolonged cooling times. If the buggy is not in use for some time, you should still charge it once a month to pre-long the battery life. The dune buggy can be stored vertically for saving space. 


The Razor Dune Buggy can go fast and corners easily. The mechanism and design of this durable little buggy is modern and capable of providing hours and hours of fun and excitement.  

The reduction drive has been specially designed for this vehicle making it able to use lower levels of torque to get up those big hills, and higher torque to get up some speed on the more level ground.

Why I love the Razor Dune Buggy

I love this Razor Dune buggy because my children use it at every given opportunity and the joy and excitement in their little faces is absolutely priceless.

It was inexpensive in comparison to other models available and seems to take a good bashing which is inevitable with little people crashing around in it. My 9 years old son is basically addicted to his Razor Dune Buggy and I am personally extremely happy with my purchase.

The comfort of the seat means that there are no complaints of sore bums after he has been off road. I made an additional purchase of a helmet so now I know that combined with the seatbelt he could not be any safer when he is out. 

Another big plus for me is the fact it will stand upright for storage which means I don’t have to leave a buggy shaped hole in the garage or my car on the driveway. It makes life a lot easier.

Getting him out of the house either with myself or his friends is no longer a problem, in fact the only time he does come back is when the battery runs out. It’s solid design and protective bars mean that I don’t worry when he goes out on it.

He is gaining experience with awareness and responsibility and loves the freedom that it gives him. I know that it will last a long time and that with his age he and I will have years of fun with it.

Any Problems?

The only downside I found with this model was the fact it needs charging for a whole 12 hours before it can be used, this causes a slight frustration in the household for kiddies waiting to play with it. 

This can be managed though by remembering to charge it at night when they come in so that it is fully charged for the morning. I know it won’t last all day, but I do know that it’s better than them waiting all day to use it.

Final Note

Razor is a trusted and well-known company that have been developing safe but fun toys for children since the year 2000. Since then we have seen ample amounts of new technological advances, giving children and families world-wide the confidence to allow their children to experience electronic miniature vehicles and responsibility along with fine tuning their fine motor skills.

Remembering safety is key with this company, we can happily allow our children the thrill and excitement of a mobile vehicle outside at we all want to see our kids out and about becoming more active.

The Razor Dune Buggy covers it all, safety, fun and an appealing design. I would recommend this model to anyone with children over the age of 8 years old. Being only 5”3 myself, I enjoy whizzing around the garden in this cute and durable buggy when playing with my children. I do hope that my razor dune buggy reviews helps you with your decision.

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