Razor Dirt Quad Reviews With Expert Analysis And Buying Guide

As electrically powered quads go, the Razor Dirt Quad reviews below show that this particular machine is nothing short of a serious contender on virtually every aspect reviewed.

Thanks to its rugged construction and ample features it has a lot of equipment that you would normally only find on a full-blown gas-powered model.

Razor Dirt Quad - Black

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Disc braking and over 40 minutes of running time on a full charge mean that this gusty little quad will keep your kids entertained with the kind of riding that they can only experience by going off the beaten track. Read on to discover how this latest offering from the razor stable is certain to tick plenty of your boxes.

  • Front brush bar and shatter-resistant plastic fairings: provides great looks and more importantly, splash proofing, no matter what the weather and great outdoors throws your way. The rugged tubular steel frame with its powder coated finish will stay looking great and easy to clean too. It also comes with a built-in hook for easy pulling onto SUVs and trailers too.
  • Variable speed chain drive: transfers the power through a high torque transmission system that delivers all the power you need to climb over whatever obstacles lie in your path.
  • Hand operated throttle and brakes: give you all you need to maintain precise control and bags of stopping power via the dual disc braking system right when you need it.
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    Coil-over-shock rear suspension provides the droop-travel that is normally only found on larger and adult type quads. Smoother handling, better control, and precision riding are all facilitated through such innovative systems as standard.
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    Optimum power to weight: leaves plenty of capacity for riders up to 120 pounds and room for the 2 state-of-the-art 12V batteries that will keep you on the move for over 40 minutes on a single charge.
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    Real pneumatic knobby tires: to take you into the places where the more basic street quads fear to tread. Providing a firmer and more improved ride than the solid tires fitted to some other brands, the tires on this quad perfectly match the suspension configuration.
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    Adjustable riser handlebars and ample payload: make the Razor Dirt Quad an ideal choice for riders of 8 years of age upwards to a weight of 120 pounds.
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    2x12V battery -24V electrical system: makes the quad dirt a gutsy performer over all types of terrain and a full capacity is acquired after only 12 hours of charge time. With predicted optimum performance throughout 250 cycles, the system is certain to provide hours of entertainment and riding fun.

What I love about this Quad

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    It looks great! The updated black finish and brushed steel components make the machine stand out and it really is a neighborhood head turner. Although small in size, it often gets a second glance and could easily pass for a real grown-up quad.
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    Easily controlled and stops well: all thanks no doubt to the modern suspension and powerful handlebar operated disc brakes and throttle. The real pneumatic tires should also take some of the credit because they contribute towards the ride and they too add to its macho good looks, which makes it one of the best go karts for kids.
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    It has the right balance of speed and power: making it fast enough to give kids a ton of fun but not that fast that it becomes difficult to control. The smooth electric power delivery through the chain drive transmission means that it has fewer tendencies to lurch forward when the throttle is yanked back.
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    Easy to load, transport, and handle thanks to its lightweight yet highly durable construction and compact dimensions. Loading onto a pickup or SUV is a cinch and the front and rear lift hooks instill all the confidence you need when man-handling is required.
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    Great value-for-money: Every discerning buyer likes to be sure that they are getting a good deal on whatever they buy, and the great news is that this tuff little quad ticks all the value-for-money boxes.

What’s not so good?

It wasn’t easy to find anything about the machine that evoked criticism especially bearing in mind what great value it represents so I had to be really hard on it in coming up with the following:

  • Battery life: I couldn’t help but wonder why, with the latest advances in battery technology especially with electric cars, the manufactures can’t make the units on quads like these store a little more power.
  • Power failure warning: would be useful in the form of a buzzer or something so that at least the rider would have some time to get the quad back to the truck or nearer to home. The upside is that the machine is light and fairly easy to move if you need to recover it after the power dies.
  • A little more speed: While the speed is great for the younger riders, the older kids may soon get bored with it. So perhaps some more speed along with the ability to limit it for the younger less experienced riders could make it even more of a winner.

Razor Dirt Quad Electrical Kit (Throttle & Control Module)

One of the great things about the Dirt Quad is that there are several spare and replacement parts available at sensible prices. These include the Razor Dirt Quad electrical kit throttle and control module.

The kit comes complete with the 6 wire harness, the throttle itself, and the sealed control unit. All the multi-plug connectors are included and it is compatible with all versions of the Razor Dirt Quad. There is a warranty and the product is light and compact making it an inexpensive item through most major shipping channels.

Razor Dirt Quad - Black - 2

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Final Note

I hope that you have found the above Razor Dirt Quad Reviews helpful and that the information covered will assist you in making your purchasing decision.

There is no doubt that the unit represents good value in both terms of the hours of enjoyment it is likely to provide and the initial cost of the machine. 

I am convinced, that, for buyers who are looking for an electrically powered children’s quad, they will have to go a long way to beat this one on all around performance and good old-fashioned value for money.

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