Raptor Tintable Urethane Spray-on with Lightweight Spray Gun

The urethane spray-on kit comes with a lightweight spray gun, a bottle of the liner and a gallon of hardener. The product offers a seamless application after the content in both cans have been mixed appropriately.

The urethane liner works great on non-metallic coatings, basecoats, primed surfaces, and provides a protective barrier too. The tintable liner makes a great sound deadener and gives a reduced vibration on vehicles.

The bed liner kit comes with sufficient material to spray two large truck beds. This product mixes with automotive basecoat tinters to give any colors of your choice. The urethane spray-on is designed for amateur or professional coating and can be applied with a paintbrush, roller or spray gun.

Features Of This Raptor Tintable Urethane Spray On

Available as a tintable option: The user can customize with base toners to yield desirable colors by adding about 10% of urethane base coat color to give a smoother finish. After spraying, ensure there is sufficient time for the initial coat of raptor liner to cure, then add a second layer of coat. The user can maintain a multi-color surface of any material and tint to any color to create both a textured finish.

For DIY and professional use: It is essential to prep any surface, and before the liner coat is applied remove tough spots with self-etch. The raptor liner kit offers a  pretty easy DIY application if you are not a professional painter.

To get desirable results, scuff the surface of the material to be painted. Ensure a properly lit environment where you can see rusty areas and spots before you apply the first coat. Then, mix the liner with the hardener and other additives (as you desire) before you spray with air compression.

Serves a wide range of use: Consumers can conserve money by using the tintable bed liner on a variety of surfaces. More so, the evaporating solvent enhances durability and acts as a texturizing agent for rocker panels, fishing boats, chassis, fender flairs, grills, truck beds, and many other possessions.

Flexible with a multi-functional application- Our customers use the urethane spray-on for non-metallic and metallic surfaces apart from truck beds. The liner surface doesn't give cracking when steel bends, and waterproof material remains rugged.

Durable: If the surface to be coated has a base metal, apply acid primer on it. To have a strong and durable texture on a bed liner, scuff the area to be coated thoroughly. Stains are easily removed from the coated surfaces and they are abrasion-free.


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    It is an ideal option for rust prevention. The raptor liner is great for extreme temperature and corrosion. Ensure to remove affected rust spots on the base metal with sandpapers before you apply acid primer. More so the liner substrate protects against UV sunlight damage and an optimal level of fade protection.
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    The choice of this bed liner coating is great for underlay of the truck bed, water boats, tailboards, fender wells and other non-metallic materials. Customers send feedbacks of the high performance when they used this premium urethane liner as marine coatings. The gallon of raptor liner fills an area of two truck beds.


  • They are more expensive than drop-in liners
  • The raptor liner will not bind onto an aluminum (prepped or not) because it doesn't contain polyurethane but urethane.

Final Thought

The protective urethane coating has gone through extensive research for use on truck beds, fiberglass,  concrete,  and wood. It is a smart choice because it stays stackable in an airtight container for reuse.

The hardened texture leaves some smooth finish. Ensure that the area to be sprayed has been made free from dirt, holes and rough edges. The urethane liner forms a hard surface after sixty minutes of spraying the second coat.

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