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Raptor Liner Coat Kit – Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with Free Spray Gun

When you purchase the raptor liner spray-on, it is easy to use by filling the can with an appropriate mix, shake and spray.

The raptor liner kit comes with quality protection for a range of material use and offers a free spray gun with a quantity of 4 liters of the urethane-based liner. Your truck bed can last longer if you apply the urethane spray-on to form a double layer of protective coatings.

The product has been improved to withstand heat at varying degrees and deaden sounds and vibrations when you drive your truck. To me, this is one of the best DIY truck bed liners in the market.

Features Of This Raptor Liner Coat Kit

When you are set to apply the urethane spray-on liner,  we strongly advise you follow the safety instruction by wearing a respirator. Also, the application must not be a single coat, instead use a two-coat layer to guarantee a better finish.

A properly prepped surface must be scuffed before coating takes place. The user must ensure a clean surface before applying the raptor liner as a first coating, then spray the second coating within an hour to hold up to regular abuse. Do not worry about having a 200 psi output of air compression, with a small compressor you are good to go.

Scratch and stain resistant: The formulation of the urethane spray-on liner makes the coated layer of your truck bed or truck underlay to be resistant to stain, scratch and high impacts from pressure.

More so the coated surface is easy to clean with soapy water and a soft piece of cloth. When you apply the liner on a clean surface, it effectively handles high impacts without undergoing cracking. This feature makes the urethane spray-on the right application as a truck bed liner.

High adhesion: A thin of hardener comes with the kit of the urethane raptor liner. When the user adds some hardener to the raptor liner before application, this gives the coating a high adhesion on the surface. However, to ensure a hard-textured surface, reduce the film of every coat. Raptor liners can be used over a particular surface, but make sure the underlying coatings are dry before the next application.

Flexible with a multi-functional application: Our customers have used the urethane spray-on for non-metallic surfaces like plywood products, and metallic surfaces apart from trucks. The multi-functional use of the raptor liner includes movable and non-movable parts of industrial equipment and hardware. The liner coat can bend and has a flexible feature.

UV Resistant: Every coating made on a clean surface with the raptor liner will resist UV rays from the sun,  and will ensure that the coated surface doesn't fade easily. The UV resistant feature of this raptor liner can last for years, withstanding the effect of UV lights.

Rapid drying: After an application of this coat, it takes about an hour to dry off before the next coat is applied.


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    When the user applies some raptor liner to a steel plate, and there is an impact on that surface, the coating bends with the steel instead of cracking.
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    When wheeling with your truck, if the coated surface brushes a hard surface, it will not result in pinstriping.
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    The raptor liner has some good resistance to abrasion.
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    The bed liner product has a high resistance to heat and sunlight


  • Coatings from the raptor liner are difficult to encapsulate a rusted surface. It takes a sufficient layer of urethane layer to cover a badly rusted surface, otherwise, the user must take out the rust completely.
  • The raptor liner will form a rougher texture than paint

Your Heading Here

The raptor liner is great for spraying paint on rocker panels of a car, the surfaces of boats, fender flares. Our customers have brought back several positive feedbacks after using this product which is easy to use.

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