The Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler Reviews And Analysis

Power Wheels by Fisher-Price are well known for durability, exceptional performance and safety. Children are easily drawn to the modern and cool designs. As a parent, there is nothing more pleasant than the sound of your children’s laughter and squeals of delight when playing and electronic mobility vehicles such as the Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler certainly provokes lots of this.

This miniature jeep is ideal for little girls. The beautiful frozen graphics and colors are feminine, and girls absolutely love the pink and blue contrast of the car and seating area.

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

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Girls enjoy doing stuff together, so this two-seater Jeep is ideal for siblings and friends to ride along in an imaginary playful game of grown ups driving around just like mummy.

Frozen is extremely popular with all children and adults, most of us have learned the songs off by heart and your little princess will be singing along to the amazing music player which is built in and perfectly belts out the famous and catchy songs from the Disney Frozen movie.

Imagine her delight when she is presented with this girly and pretty gift, sitting in the driver’s seat looking girly and pretty just like her new ride. Girls are like delicate little flowers and we tend to want to wrap them in cotton wool.

This miniature Jeep only reaches speeds of 5mph, so is ideal for keeping its precious cargo safe while having lots of giggly fun. Once she has fallen in love with her new car, she is sure no never want to “let it go”.

The frame

The Power Wheels Disney Jeep Wrangler by Fisher-Price is built with a sturdy and durable steel frame, this takes weights of up to 130lb and takes the impact of bumps and mini crashes easily. The inner most part of the frame is curved and smooth to protect children’s heads and limbs from scratches or cuts.

The engine

The engine is electronic, small and works on a rechargeable battery. The speed can be adjusted for smaller riders and the maximum speed it can reach is 5mph. It is quiet and environmentally, very friendly as well as safe for your little one’s lungs with no chemicals or fuel to pump out.

The design

The miniature Jeep looks really realistic and the graphics are bound to impress your little ladies. The doors open and close as a real Jeep car would for easy access and realism. The front grill and lights look real and the pink bumpers

The wheels

The tires are wide and give great stability and control to the vehicle structure and performance. Ideal for tackling rough terrain and will last and last. Easily and smoothly driving on concrete or grass.

The music system

The music is all from the Frozen movie and you can guarantee your little girl knows most, if not all of the words to these songs. Dancing and singing being a favourite pass time for little girls, she is going to have a blast with this especially fun feature.

Safety aspects

The built-in seat belt keeps little girls safe from bumps. Wearing a safety helmet is not recommended for these power wheels cars but some parents will insist on it. It depends completely on your choice but the car itself can not topple easily and the frame is already keeping her pretty safe.

The specially designed Break-Lock system, automatically stops the engine when she lifts her foot from the stop-go foot pedal. You can choose the speed at which she travels. She could start with 2.5mph until you believe she has gained the confidence and skills to control her miniature vehicle.

Then you can change her speed setting to 5mph and watch her zoom around. Children need to be supervised at all times while riding in electronic mobility vehicles. This is a two-seater vehicle so at no time should this be. Open spaces are what you need to take this car out and about properly, but try to avoid parks or public places which have unavoidable bodies of water that do not have some form of barriers or a safety fence surrounding it.  

Assembly and maintenance

This Power Wheels toy comes with no assembly required. You must charge the car for 12 hours before use and this will provide more than enough running time for your girls to have a decent play time. Storing the car somewhere dry and warm will help to extend the life of your battery in the long run. Cleaning is simple inside and out so general up-keeping is a breeze.

Pros and cons

There are so many pros to this model. The design is right on point, beautiful and trendy. The safety of the structure gives parent piece of mind while the 5mp capability ensures a thrilling ride and experience for your little girlies. The movie Frozen is such a popular film and an ingenious design choice from Fisher-Price. 

The only cons I can find with this model are neither here nor there. First of all the charge up time is long, but this is the same as all other miniature electronic vehicles and is a problem not yet solved by experts and not much of an issue as the car runs for ample time after a full charge. The radio is just a music player and the only music it will play is Frozen, so make sure you like the music too before you can’t get the songs out of your mind.

Final Note

Popular amongst little girls, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Jeep wrangler ticks all the boxes. It is fun, durable, realistic and a perfect present for birthdays, Christmas or simply to show your ever-growing love for your beautiful little lady.

Being one of the most trusted children’s toy developers, Fisher-Price have come good, yet again, on their promise of fun in a safe environment. You can rest assured the experts at Fisher-Price have thought of absolutely everything when developing this model.

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