Power Air Fryer XL Deluxe Oil Free Electric Programmable AirFryer

Eating too much fat can be very harmful to your body; so many people are living under medication due to consuming too much fat/oily food. Power air fryer deluxe is the best for anyone who wants to eat food with little oil; the power fryer uses super heat.

The power air fryer is the right way to living a healthy lifestyle. It helps you eat less fat and you can avoid diseases like cancer and high blood pressure.

With the rate of how fats are affecting our daily normal life, so many people are looking for a lasting solution. The power air fryer deluxe is what you must have to prepare your favorite meal with no oil.

Features Of This Oil Free Power Air Fryer XL Deluxe

1. This power fryer is very deep compared to other fryers and so does not splash oil; by this, the changes of minor accidents occurring at home are reduced. It’s very safe to use with the splashing controlled.

2. The air fryer takes little time to clean; you can separate the parts and clean it easily all at the same time.

3. It is very useful for people who want to lose weight or those who want to live a healthy life. The fryer is the right product to help you avoid fats in your food. The fryer has the ability to reduce the fats up to 80%.

4. This fryer is the best for cooking foods like grill food, fryers, and roast, and most people would love to have them in their kitchen.

5. This power fryer deluxe is very easy to use, and it switching its power off when the food is ready, always make sure you don’t over heat the food the nutrients are very important in the body.

6. The deluxe power air fryer has a dimension of 14-inches by 12-inches by 14.5inches, it weighs 12 pounds.

7. It’s designed with the technology of hot air that is used to bake and steam other food; the double cooking tray allows you to prepare food in a short period of time.


  • It’s faster and within minutes your meal is ready and saves time, and when it’s turned on it takes a short time heat up.
  • The power air fryer is very easy to use, it also switches off automatically when the meal is ready.
  • It is very safe to use at home and hygiene and comes with a lot of cooking option. When you use the power air fryer your food comes out sweat and crispy.
  • The powered air Fryer is big enough to prepare enough food for the whole family and its oil free which is a good way to living healthy.
  • The deluxe fryer has a nonstick coating on the basket that prevents the food from sticking on it.


  • When you want to purchase the fryer always check the size and the weight to get the right specification.one should also look at the warranty.
  • When you prepare chicken with your power air fryers the breeding does not stick on the wings, the power fryer is also quite expensive it will take up a bit of your savings.
  • The cooking option offered in the booklet is not the same as the manufacture suggest.

Final Note

This is one item that should not miss in your kitchen; especially if your plan is losing some. When you think of eating healthy remember that you need a power fryer to cook free oil meals.

The power air fryer will completely change your style of eating as you continue eating your favorite food but in a healthy manner. This is the right power air fryer for you simply it removes all the fats in your meals.

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