Power Air Fryer XL 3.4 QT Deluxe – Black

This is a digitization model of air fryer that is very easy to use and operate. The power air fryer XL is one of the best products that will turn around your style of eating and completely gives a healthy living style.

The power air fryer will give gives you a safe way to prepare oil free food that is good for your health. Most of the time it becomes hard to make your favorite meals without excess oil, but the XL5.3 quart delivers the best by reducing fats in your food.

There is no need to worry anymore, you can still enjoy your best food without the fair of fats. You will love this air fryer because it’s fast, convenient and its clean you will enjoy all your favorite fried food.

Features Of This Power Air Fryer XL Deluxe

1. The air fryer is designed in a way that, the air fryer is smooth and compact. It is produced using plastic and highlights a handle that remaining parts cool all through your cooking session. The air fryer additionally has a steam vent through which it discharges dampness from sustenance while cooking.

2. It is very easy to use it has a touchscreen interface that is used for setting and controlling the air fryer.it comes with an extra basket and pan that are removal, one can use them to transfer food from the air fryer. The removable pan is not complicated it’s easy to remove and clean safely.

3. It comes with several cooking items, You get the chance to choose from 6 distinctive preset alternatives for 6 diverse cooking composes that incorporate grilling, roasting, simmering, preparing, steaming.

4. Temperature is designed in a way that you can control it easily without any problem at a range of 170F to 140F; the Avalon has a good capacity that is enough to prepare food for the whole family it can also prepare a full chicken.

5. It very fast and clean in just a few minutes you are able to prepare your food, which saves you a lot of time, it’s also very easy to clean after using it, made from very high quality material and it has no slip feet.

6. It is very economical compared to its size, and it’s a great choice if you are looking for a large air fryer.it also has a removable aluminum bowl that is nonstick comes with a booklet of 27 recipes.


  • The Avalon is a digital fryer that is very easy to use and you should not get worried about how to operate one.
  • The Avalon fryer cuts down your expenses it does not use any oil, this fryer is easy to clean and it’s very fast to prepare your food than other traditional methods.
  • The power fryer XL makes 4-6 serving per use and has a recipe booklet.
  • Avalon fryer is easy to use and it can be cleaned with a dishwasher, the Avalon also produces delicious food


  • The Avalon fryer has no recipe booklet and by that one may think using Avalon complicated and it consumes electricity.
  • You need to use it many times to get the best out of it, at times giving you the best results becomes a challenge.

Final Note

Regardless of the way that the product is extremely subjective, there no much to tell on the negative feedback. It is dependent upon you to consider all bad sides and good sides and choose what is best for you – what you can make peace with and what you can't stand.

We have given both solid and frail sides of the product, and we trust you value our genuineness. Appreciate utilizing the product!

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