MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Rail with Tray (Holds 90 Sockets)

The Multi drive Socket Organizer is a versatile device that ensures sockets are held in their position by the twist lock system. The Twist-Lock clips hold sockets of various sizes securely while on-the-go.

There is a feature of the socket holder that allows the user to increase the number of clips to accommodate bigger sockets. When the multi-drive socket organizer set is placed upside down, the grip from the springs attached to the rail is intact with the sockets.

This compact set is stackable and doesn't need a large space for storage. When you buy the multi-drive socket organizer, the package comes as a set of three compact socket rails, a socket tray and 45 units of twist lock socket clips.

Features Of This MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Rail with Tray

Multi-drive organizer tray with 3 socket rails: This device has been built to contain three types of rails that help the owner sort out his socket tools distinctively.

The multi-drive organizer tray ensures the rails are inbuilt with molded end stops and extended space for sockets. Each rail could be detached or changed to suit your design. Also, you can take out or attach the socket clips to complement your professional or DIY needs.

Perfect for storage: The socket set organizer is easily stackable for on-the-go transport, in the drawer, or on the bench. The multi-drive tool can fit a large set of the toolbox with a small amount of storage space.

There is an addition of a foldable handle which makes it easy for them to grab the device and hang it on the wall.

Twist-Lock clips prevent tool loss: What every workman wants is to find his tool useful and available when needed. The multi-drive universal organizer set gives your sockets maximum safety and prevents the loss of sockets that are upside down by locking them tightly in place. The user can easily unlock the sockets by the push of a button.

Includes 15 clips each on a drive: The universal socket rails are improved for use with its new design and features. The socket holder allows firm attachment with drives for 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch sockets.

Durability of work tools: The twist lock socket rail plastic is a great choice even in high temperatures. The organizer set can withstand impacts, weather condition and specks of dirt from a greasy workshop.

The user should take off the sockets and clean the organizer set thoroughly to remove stains on the body to make it serve a longer use.


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    Twist lock socket rail gives the user access to move the smaller sockets and add more clips for the bigger sockets.
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    The product comes with stickers for labeling every socket with the correct size details. Hence the user can identify these sockets with ease and grab them fast.
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    The universal socket holder keeps holding sockets with maximum security even when turned upside down.  The sockets are unlocked for use by the simple push of a button.
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    The Twist lock socket is available in a range of colors, and they come with dimensions of 20" long X 5" wide and ½" high.
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    All 45 units of sockets are easy to transport without any fear of loss or damage, and these sockets are interchangeable.


The socket holder has a 20'' long tray with a capacity to hold small and large size sockets. When all sockets have been fixed onto this device, the tray becomes fuller, heavier and will not readily enter a mid-sized toolbox or a drawer.

If you are looking for more product then this article would be a great help for you: best socket organizers review.

Final Note

The twist-lock clips offer a solution for DIY tasks and professional workmanship. What the user stands to gain is a 100% guarantee, long-lasting conditions, and organization of work tools.

What more can a craftsman desire when he has a socket organizer that stores the smallest sockets and brings satisfaction. The product comes with three universal socket rails, a socket tray, and 45 twist lock socket clips. Also, the twist lock socket rail comes with the capacity to carries a large weight of different types of socket.

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