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MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set – Left and Right Cut Offset Tin Cutting Shears

The Midwest Aviation Snip set has been manufactured in USA and is popular for its forged blades and high efficiency.

 The Aviation snip set is the best choice for people who are involved in Sheet metal trading, the reason being that this product is very easy to use as far as different sheet metal cutting tasks are concerned.

The offset blade pattern is responsible for taking the material away from the blades. This process actually allows the snip to move without any kind of interference while making cuts.

Features Of This MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set

1) The product is more of a 2 piece offset and contains both right and left models (cut offset) which makes this item an ideal for contractors and tradesman.  The item is long lasting and cutting edge; the blades have been crafted from molybdenum alloy steel. Similarly, the durability and the strength of the blades are enhanced by treating them with austerer heat.

2) The handles of the snip set are strong. The prime reason behind the strength of the handles is the tensile steel from which they have been manufactured. The handles are so robust that they cannot be bent from hand pressure.

3) The grips of the snip set are comfortable and conform to the movement of the utilizer’s hand. The finger and the hand slippage is prevented by the indented ribs of the grip. Overall the item is very easy to handle during operation.

4) The Aviation snip set makes cutting much simple and easy. The compound leverage enhances the handle force to the cutting blades by the ratio of 8:1.

5) The snip set’s weight is 1.94 pounds moreover the dimensions are 1 x 6.5 x 11 inches. The size of the item is Offset Cut and of course, the material is steel.  The model figure is MWT-6510C and the set has been manufactured in the United States of America.


  • With a very minimal amount of hand force, you can make some of the best cuts through this product thanks to the forged blades (Glide-Tech).  The design of the grip is comfortable, soft and sturdy.  The dynamic contour Finger stop, Non-Slip ribs, and Soft touch are some of the other things which make the snip set exceptional.
  • The item is durable and has high precision. Moreover, the performance of the product is much better as compared to a Slick handle.
  • A good thing about the snip set lies in the fact that it does not pinch the metal no matter how thin the cut may be. The product is very robust too and can withstand all kinds of drops without clearance of the cutting edge or deforming of the metal.
  • The snip set is very safe to use since the cutting edge is angled, this means that your hands will be far away from the metal edges while cutting.


  • Care needs to be taken as far as the use of this tool is concerned. The screws and the nuts can get loose with a period of time.
  • Since it’s a metal item hence after some time rust can develop as well which surely affects the efficiency of the item.

Final Note

If you want to cut the sheet metal or any other such material then Aviation Snip Set is the product which you should be going for. The product is available in the market at a very reasonable rate. If you have the cutting skills then using this tool will not be a difficult job for you at all.

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