Makita – The Legendary Company Of Producing Sanding Tools


If you are not familiar with the Makita belt sander, it is a tool that has two drums which are parallel to each other and are spun with the use of a motor. Within the drums, an endless loop of sanding belt or sandpaper is spun around the drums that help in leveling the surface of the wood or any other type of material. This tool is commonly used to quickly improve the surface quality of one material and sometimes, they are also used to remove a layer of paint from another material.

The size of the width of these tools varies mostly from 3” up to 4” depending on where one will use it for. It should be remembered though that when the sanding belt is wider, even though the surface area that it can cover is also wider, it can become tougher for the user to control it. When this happens, one can easily inflict more bad than good to the surface being repaired or manipulated.

Although it is quite tricky to manipulate this tool, a Makita belt sander is very easy to store and maintain. It doesn’t matter where you store them as long as the two drums where the belt is rolling will be kept aligned at all times. When the drums are not kept aligned all the time, it can cause great damage to both the belt and rollers or drums.

It is not a difficult task to change the belt from time to time because one just needs to follow the right procedure when doing it. One just needs to make sure that they take out the sander belt properly from the drums to prevent damaging anything. When placing the new sanders on the rollers, you just have to make sure that the rough part is facing outwards because otherwise, your tool will not be able to do its purpose.

Even though one can replace the sander belt whenever it gets worn out, it is still an effective practice to always keep the sander free from the dust that it accumulated while smoothing a certain surface. This practice does not only keep your tool from wearing out easily but it also makes it efficient every single time you use it by smoothing a certain surface faster. Speaking of efficiency, it is always best to examine your tool so that damages and other hindrances will be solved immediately.

Some people may find using a belt sander to be a little complicated compared to the other tools available out there but with the right knowledge and understanding of it, everything will surely be a breeze. Handling it will become easier as one becomes more familiar with the tool; they will know how to hold them and how to position them against a certain surface. Understanding the tool will also make a user more aware on how they can avoid being hurt by it. No matter how complicated this tool may seem, with the right knowledge and understanding, people will surely be able to properly maintain one in their homes.

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