Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3 gallon Black with GUN

Spray-on liner creates a hard shell layer on surfaces. The kit comes with a semi-gloss finish, spray paint gun, can of hardener, and a reducer can that functions a base for the gun. The epoxy gloss finish is very durable and weather resistant.

An application of the whole content of black urethane liner can cover 100 sq ft, corrosive parts and stays longer on any surface than the drop-in liners. This product can spray two units of truck beds and produce textures from the coating.

Simply use by mixing the liner with hardener and spray on a clean and dry surface. Ensure a  professional application is carried out under sunlight. Spraying under cold weather condition will produce cracks and peeling.

Features Of This Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit

Resistant to UV lights: The resistance of UV light from the sun by the premium epoxy spray-on liner also ensures coated surfaces don't fade like some paints. Also, when coated, factory machinery, industrial and heavy-duty equipment get protection if they are exposed to sunlight and other UV sources. The protection from UV light rays comes from applying a double-layered coat of the liner.

Adhesion and Toughness: The spray-on liner is an acrylic DIY bed liner that hardens like a rock, delivers improved toughness and adhesion. A strong coat will form a hard texture against impacts and all weather conditions. Thus, the coated material is guaranteed quality protection that exceeds the features of other rival bed liners.

They help fight water: The spray-on bed liner contains epoxy substrates that tackle corrosion. Our bed liner product fights the invasion of moistures that cause rusting, compatible with wooden surfaces, and stick more to a prepped surface. Use sandpapers to scuff the material surface before applying some coats of bed liner. With scuffing process, it ensures no high risk of rusting or peeling on the material to be coated.

Rapid drying: Automotive spray painters ensure they give the best professional work when they use a double protective coating with regular paints. The same application holds for a bed liner spray-on which dries off after the first layer. Thereafter, the second coat is applied to give an enhanced texture.

​Multi-function use: Consumers find the bed liner useful for automotive finishes, garden rails, wood, banisters for staircases, under-water surfaces of marine equipment, chassis of trucks and other automobiles.


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    The process of mixture and use is easy to follow. The user should just mix appropriately, shake and shoot from the nozzle of the spray gun
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    A durable liner product that fits a small budget by using DIY techniques and following the manufacturer's recommendation of air pressure from the spray gun.
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    When you buy this product, it is an inexpensive way to restore old materials or possessions, without replacing them.
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    Every coat of the epoxy spray-on liner will not fade after years of exposure to the sun
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    The liner coat works great with regular industrial thinners and polymer additives


If the bed liner user decides not to use a spray gun but a brush for application, the coating will not give a fine result. The bristles of a brush often pick up granules from the liner and lay them in clusters. This process will form coarse lumps that allow coatings to be unevenly spread out.

Final Thought

The urethane spray-on liner has a durable substrate that gives surfaces hardness and durability.  If the liner is kept in a sealed container for years, it stays active. The kit comes with gallons of reusable content that can take care of two large truck beds.

Ensure you are a professional sprayer or have enough safety and application knowledge before you open the product. Ensure you use the right respirator, and prep the surface material richly before applying the bed liner.

It is an ideal product for boats, marine installation, heavy-duty equipment, military hardware and general mechanical parts of an automobile.

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