Lane Stallion Arm Chair Recliner with Foot Rest

Are you in search for a recliner that fits adults with large weight sizes? The Lane Stallion Arm Chair Recliner has a dimension of 44 x 40 x 48 inches. It holds weights of 500lbs and weighs less than 170 lbs.

With a well-stuffed upholstery, the recliner is comfortable and hold up well. This piece of furniture has been fabricated with high-quality materials, that are tough and durable. However, there is a manual lever at the lower side of the recliner.  

Lane Stallion Comfort King Recliner

The user can attain a full-reclining position with the legs supported by the chair's footrest. More so, there's a wall saver feature that adjusts the position of the chair forward as it reclines. It saves floor space with this feature and offers the user more comfort.

Features of The Lane Stallion Recliner

Wall Saver design​

The dimension of this recliner (44 x 40 x 48 inches) is an advantage because you'll require little space to place the piece of furniture. More so, its wall saver design feature allows the chair to be shifted forward while reclining. This feature results in saving floor space when it's activated.

Full reclining​

The armchair can be stretch after full recline to become like your bedroom mattress. Your comfort is sure with the full-reclining position; this feature can also adjust the position of the recliner. It's tempting to enjoy the option of full recline feature when you need to feel very comfortable. This feature enhances the value that users benefit from this high-end product.

Sturdy construction​

The recliner holds weights of at most 500lb even when it weighs less than 170lbs. More it has an extra-high seat back and wide leg rest; both features are useful for hip, and lumbar support. The high seat back is specifically built for tall people with longer lower limbs to enjoy.

High-quality fabric​

The upholstery is tough and beautiful because of the manufacturer choice of material. Underneath the outer fabric cover is a stack of foam that is supple. The backrest and two armrests are soft, and they readily absorb the weight of users. It's the high quality of fabric and other composite materials that give durability to this recliner. More so, the stain-proof material can be protected by wiping its surface with a clean piece of napkin.


The recliner has many functions that give comfort and personalized positioning. Its footrest, double armrest, and back support are features of having any relaxation position that appeals to the user. Apart from reclining the chair as a sleeping recliner, the footrest is ideal for any length of the lower limbs and doesn't leave the feet hanging.


  • Strong upholstery and superior design
  • Full reclining feature
  • Wall Saver design
  • It holds weights of up to 500 lbs


Sometimes, the manual lever might be inconveniencing to use. Unlike the corded automatic controller that comes with contemporary recliners; they help users adjust their positions without stretching to the base of the chair.

Final Verdict

Are you over 5 feet 9 inches tall with long lower limbs, but you require support for your back and limbs? The Lane Stallion Comfort King recliner is suitable for bedroom, office, kitchen, or living room use. The padded leg rest platform offers support for your feet and ankles; these lower body parts don't hang off while the chair reclines. 

Instead, the recliner is recommended by orthopedics to aid patients and old people. A maintenance-free recliner offers more value for money, unlike regular chairs. This product reclines fully and has a wall saver feature that allows the chair to utilize small room space while reclining.

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