How to Paint Your Car – Step By Step Guideline

There is a big market for car enthusiasts, and listing a car for sale means that your cars looks and specifications will be judged by potential buyers. Keeping the body of the car clean and evenly painted is a must, as this will make the auction or selling process easier for you.

Used car dealers for Audi, Acura and BMW who've tried to sell their car before and after painting jobs have reported $5,000 to $10,000 in the selling prices by perfecting the car's parts to almost showroom condition.

Expect to pay between $25 to $5,500 on car paint for cars based upon do it yourself to professional level services. At times, you may find a new car coat to stand out compared to stock and factory level painting jobs.

The amount of time, care and needed tools used for painting job should help painters successfully paint their car. Their really isn't much room for failure if all the directions are read carefully and executed practically.

Owner's should get better impressions from the eyes of beholders, as a more positive response will lead to better influences. Be fond of your car and make sure your valuable tool and toy is kept in showroom condition for the years to come.

Steps To Paint Car

1. Find a nicely lit, spacious and aerated place to paint your car. Such a place should contain minimal air particles including pollen, pollutants and dust.

2. Materials Needed

-Wax Grease Remover-

-Sand Paper-
(*180-220 Grit Sand Paper to Remove Scratches*320 to Sand all Surfaces Evenly *400 Grit Sand Paper to Remove Primer Spots)

-Body Putty-


-Urethane Based Paint for Color - Automotive Paint Spray Gun-

Check our article about best auto paint gun for beginners.

3. Wash, rinse and polish your car, making sure dust and dirt particles come off. Damage can be seen if specks and stained bumps are not cleaned and painted over.

4. For dirt and mold that won't peal off with water, use the wax/grease remover. You may also substitute spirit and charcoal cleaner based solutions for this process.

5. The bumpy and rough areas of the surface should be sanded off into a more even tone.

6. Cover all the car areas that don't need to be painted with tape. (Masking tape)

7. Ensure all surfaces are dry and apply body putty to even and straighten out the surface. Add the primer making sure that your care surface will maintain an even surface.

8. Your first paint coat - Apply the urethane based color paint evenly across the wanted surfaces. (The entire surface should be even in texture)

9. Wait 15 minutes for paint to dry and repeat the last process. (Apply the urethane based color paint over the previous coat)

10. This time, let the paint dry for 30 minutes and repeat the process again. (Apply the urethane based color paint over the previous coat)

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