Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

The Handler 140 is among the most popular MIG Welders for home use available in the market today. The welder has been manufactured by Hobart and is known for its high durability and quality.

The welder is highly versatile and is perfect for all those people who want to work on farm projects, Auto body, yard art projects and household repairs. The machine contains an Aluminium drive system and a work clamp which is heavy duty in nature. The device is a complete welding package with excellent industrial performance.

Hobart 500559 MIG Welder

Features Of This Hobart 500559 Handler

  • No rocket science is needed to set up this MIG Welder.
  • The machine operates at 115V which is the current standard for households. Moreover, the Amperage output of the device is 25–140 with 20% duty cycle.
  • The manufacturer of the welder has placed a 5-position voltage selector in the machine which adds a very stable and smooth arc at all kinds of welding thicknesses.
  • The power source of the welder is “corded-electric”.
  • The overall construction of the welder is solid, especially if compared with some of the other welding machines operating out there.
  • The overall welding aptitude of the item is phenomenal. You can easily weld a thin sheet, a 3/16 sheet or even a motorcycle fender with ease. The welding can be done both without and with gas.
  • The product cannot operate without a battery which means that it can easily operate  in a location where electric connection is there.
  • The welder can easily weld 24 gauge up to 1/4”


  • The gas regulator of the item is much better than some of the other welding machines. This means that the overall operation of the welder is much better than some of its counterparts.
  • The appliance is solid from fit and finish. From the unit’s outer shell to the MIG gun, each and every component is beautifully constructed and surely falls into the top-notch category. Likewise, the overall packaging of the product is also mind-blowing.
  • The machine is highly versatile, easy to handle and is a perfect choice for individuals who want to get themselves involved in DIY projects.  The common DIY projects associated with the machine are mower decks, auto body panels, trail hitches and frames, garden and lawn equipment, fences, metal sculpture and PTO attachments.
  • The welder is conducive to fabrication tasks due to its exceptional ground clamp and high-quality gas regulator.
  • The designing and packaging of the welder is great.


Quality control issues can arise in this welder such as unplugging of the spade contractors etc. However such type of issues can be fixed by lodging a proper complaint to the manufacturer.

Though the unit contains Aluminium drive system, however, there is no guarantee that it may respond well to aluminum materials.

Final Note

Hobart is primarily known for its industrial welding related equipment such as plasma cutters, wire feed welders, TIG welders and Engine Driven Welders. 

The Hobart machines are used in several domains such as auto repair, farming, artistic needs and DIY tasks. The company is also highly regarded for its welding accessories such as stick electrodes, safety gear, welding helmets and abrasives.

The biggest plus point for Handler 140 welder is that the brand name Hobart is associated with it. The mere brand name of Hobart depicts what kind of quality the product actually possesses. If you have welding needs and if you have first-hand knowledge about welding then this product is made for you.

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