Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

To get a durable gloss finish on your bed liner, this best rated Brush on Bed Liner Kit is a DIY product. The kit comes with a paintbrush, two units of rollers, a gallon of dark protective coating, and abrasive pad for prepping.

The manufacturers of the Brush-on Bed Liner Kit offers some ready-made applications that allow the brush reach tight spots and wide surfaces with an easy dash of liner coat. However, the user must scuff rust from the truck bed or surface to be coated. 

Thereafter, an acid primer should be applied to the base metal before using the Brush-on Bed liner Kit for maximum result. This product offers a limitless option for use with a wide application on  metal, wood concrete, and many other surfaces.

Features Of This Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

Flexible with a multi-functional use: The Brush-on Bed Liner Kit contains a gallon of polyurethane protective coating that is useful for painting metal, fiberglass, PVC materials, concrete, asphalt, wood, and other surfaces. The liner coat doesn't give cracking when the painted material changes form on the impact of from the heat of the sun. The brush-on liner product gives an extra gloss finish to your products.

Durable toolkits: The brush-on polyurethane bed liner paint is a great toolkit for any primed surface and dark corners which are prone to rust. More so, after the first coat, painters should allow the application to dry for about 60 minutes before adding the second coat. The right use of this coat will give a skid-resistant protective surface that is hard and durable.

Efficient rollers and paintbrushes: To use the paintbrush and rollers in the Brush-on Bed Liner Kit, direct the right toolkits specifically on different surfaces. The paintbrush takes dashes of liner paint to tiny spots as the set of rollers give an even spread of paint. All the user needs is to prep the material to be coated with the high-quality abrasive pad inside this kit.

Compact toolkit: The Brush on Bed Liner Kit is made for DIY tasks hence the addition of an application brush, a set of rollers, an abrasive pad, and the black protective coating. You will find each of these toolkits to be of high-value as the buyer doesn't need to purchase extra accessories for painting. This package of compact Brush-on Bed Liner Kit is a great value for money.

Corrosion-proof: Ensure a process that gives some thorough coating on any surface to prevent rusting. But, you should understand that a primed metallic surface with double protective coats gives the best anti-corrosion effect. The brush on bed liner Kit is easy to use and get the desired gloss finish.


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    An all-in-one paint package that includes an abrasive pad for prepping, two units of rollers for a simple application, a gallon of easy-to-use polyurethane protective coating, and a paintbrush. Thus, the DIY painter is required to function as a professional painter.
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    The Brush-on Bed Liner Kit allows painters to add more glossy touch to their product with a highly textured polyurethane protective coating. The black coat is five times thicker than other bed liner paints.
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    The black polyurethane coat is resistant to grease, gasoline, rust, and other chemicals. Any material painted with this product will become a hard skid resistant surface. The coated surface will not flake, or peel off.
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    The set of rollers are ideal for a textured finish and some long-lasting glossy effects. The paint brushes evenly spread dabs of polyurethane vinyl coats to uttermost parts of a truck bed.


When a coat of the bed liner gloss is applied onto a surface, it offers slight resistance to UV sunlight. But if the paint is applied severally to give a minimum of two coats, the resistance to UV sunlight increases. To avoid the gloss paint from fading easily, use a sufficient amount of paint to protect your product.

Final Thought

The Brush-on Bed Liner Kit allows a DIY application, saves time, money and offers a great delight to painting activities. What is required for this range of Brush-on Bed Liner Kit is an acid primer. What is desired before the coating is usually a high level of a textured finish. Also, some long-lasting protection to your product. You will achieve this desire easily with the  Brush-on Bed Liner Kit.

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