Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Trays – 6 Piece Set

This Metric Socket Storage Set is a device that holds automotive sockets in an orderly manner. The user easily stacks his sockets in varying sizes on each of six socket trays.

The tool looks simple, but it solves complex workshop storage problems for the safekeeping of sockets. The product comes with an offer of assistance to the automobile mechanic to easily reach out for his sockets even when his hands are filled with other tools.  

The metric socket storage set is arranged as 3/8" Metric, 3/8" Fractional, 1/2" Metric and 1/2" Fractional and 1/4" Metric, 1/4" Fractional. The assortment of the socket trays is fast and easy for the mechanic to complete his daily task.


Features Of This Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Trays

Durability: The socket storage trays are made of high-quality material, durable ABS plastic with an optimum level of resistance to grease, oil, and specks of dirt. The socket storage set is compact and withstands the weight of all the sockets it carries.

Instant identification: Our product has gone through extensive design and improvement with a feature that makes it easy for the user to tag and choose any socket.

The varying socket sizes have marked posts for instant identification. Thus it is easy to identify socket sizes after sockets have been fixed on a post, easy to read and replace sockets after use.

Remove toolbox clutter: If there are any clutter in the toolbox, the mechanic needs not to worry about this condition as he uses the metric socket storage tray.

The features of the socket tray enable all loose sockets in the toolbox to be sorted on the trays and give room for space inside the toolbox. It is common to find the mechanic's toolbox in a mess, hence cluttering is eliminated by the socket trays.

Firm grip: When you order a set of metric socket storage trays, it is a wise choice. The post bases of the trays are strengthened to hold sockets more securely.

If the sockets are upturned on a wall-suspended position, the firm grip ensures these sockets stay in their positions. When there is an impact from body movements or wind, these sockets remain attached to the trays.

Organizes sockets storage: A thorough design of the metric socket storage trays offers a quick way to organize your automotive sockets, keeping them safe as they hang up on the walls of your garage or workshop.

The inbuilt features offer an easy way to sort out sockets on the 6-piece set of trays. Also, the mechanic is quick to determine which sockets need to be stored after used, purchased or replaced when they are lost.


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    The major material that has been used to design the 6-piece set socket storage trays is ABS plastic. The vinyl component is great for resisting stains like grease, oil, and scratches. A mechanic's garage is an ideal place to get your clothes and body stained, but it is better to know that these stains will readily go off. Therefore, our plastic product can easily be cleaned from all impurities.
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    The versatility of a 6-piece set metric socket storage compartment offers a wider space for storage. A mechanic is happy to see his tools and workshop colorfully sorted. The old method of keeping some pieces of sockets in the dark toolbox is a complex storage method. This stressful style of storage has been eliminated by purchasing the set of socket storage trays.


  • The 6-piece set of Metric Socket Storage Trays doesn't come with a press-fit feature that allows the user to walk around with the socket holder. The socket storage trays are intended to hook up on a vertical wall or stand up in your socket drawer for storage.

Final Thought

Are you tired of finding work tools like loose sockets in odd places around your garage? We offer you a storage solution for your sockets with the design of a strong and versatile metric socket storage that holds automotive sockets in an organized manner.

The 6-piece set of metric socket storage trays is arranged as 1/4" Metric, 1/4" Fractional, 1/2" Metric and 1/2" Fractional, and 3/8" Metric, 3/8" Fractional.

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