GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL + 50 Recipes

It that time of the holidays again, having a family gathering partying with your friends wish you could enjoy all your favorite food without adding extra weight. This air fryer will make you enjoy your holiday with limitations.

All those part food that comes with the festive session just need the best fryer that we offer you, with Go wise - USA Air fryer you will be able to make your best food and still stay healthy. This air fryer can be turned off automatically when your food is ready and you also able to put it in standby mode.

Go wise air fryer gives you an opportunity to eat healthily and prepare your food in less than 30 minutes. It gives you the freedom to enjoy your food without worries of extra calories.

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Features Of This GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer

1. The Go wise USA air fryer has a sleek and modern look and a digital touch screen that shows menu, it is very equipped with temperature ranging from180F to 400F.It also comes with a button that is used to reset time and temperature while you’re cooking. The Gowise also has an alarm that reminds you to shake our ingredient 10, 15 minutes increment.

2. It comes with a sliding skillet that you just slide it and it does affect the food you are preparing.it has a known sticky coating which makes it easy to clean the air fryer.

3. It has a removable basket that makes the whole cooking process very easy to manage .it of good size and has plenty of room to prepare a large amount of food.

4. It cooks very fast which is a good thing allowing you to spend very little in your kitchen, the air fryer offe rs more space which you can be able to prepare a lot of food in less that 30minutes.


  • The Gowise USA fryer is very easy to use and clean the material is very good with the stick coating inside and outside.     
  • The air fryer is of good size big enough to prepare food that is enough for a whole family; it’s the perfect solution for a small kitchen it does not take up a big space. It will help in a healthy situation providing food free of oil, which the best way for those is trying to lose weight.       
  • ​It can cook multiple foods; the larger units enable you to cook various foods without a moment's delay. It has additional frill will likewise enable you to inspire racks to put within the unit. This would enable you to layer your food with a specific end goal to cook a few things on the double, making it less demanding to multitask inside the kitchen.
  • ​It’s a digital air fryer with a touch screen and a menu which is easy to operate; it provides a healthy and easy way to cook. The handle does not get hot it remains cool making it easy to check on your food from time to time.


  • It comes with an extra basket which at times has difficulties in sliding in the right position.                                                 
  • The surface of the air should be cleaned on a regular basis to make it last for long; its warranty is limited to 1 year.

Final Note

The Gowise USA air fryer is the best for a large family; it’s the best and saves the value of your money. It offers you enough space to prepare your favorite meals for the whole family without mixing up the food. This fryer is of the best quality and a warranty that good, with the best removable basket. If you’re thinking of buying one then this is the best model you should get for your family.

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