Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Gravity shiatsu massage chair recliner, the best massage chair that will offer you a relaxing and relieving experience.

If you are always experiencing headaches, waist pain, cervical pains or you just feel that your body is tired and you need to relax then do not hesitate to buy a gravity shiatsu chair recliner. The gravity shiatsu chair provides a complete healthy and healing process.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

What makes this Gravity shiatsu massage chair of high quality is because it has an increased area of 60%.The Gravity shiatsu chair uses the advanced motor technology to increase the massage area out the normal zones.

Features Of This Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

1. The Gravity shiatsu massage chair is built in casters for easy transportation, the massage recliner has a fitting ranging from 5’2 to 6’0.

2. It has a capacity to carry weight up to 265 pounds and has a foot roller; this chair is also constructed with black synthetic leather.

3. It comes with a very comfortable footrest that extends to 5 inches and it is also adjustable being able to be controlled in order to target a specific area

4. The gravity recliner has a neck removal pillow in case one needs more intensive massage. It has an airbag or enough pressure and there is a heater around the waist to improve in digestion.

5. It has calves airbag for medium intense collective selection, with L-shaped tracks to guide rollers from neck to thigh.

6. It has a smooth layout that will suit any room. It is cushioned in a delicate material that is leather-like and to befit diverse inclinations, there are handful accessible colors like dark, brown and burgundy.


  • The Gravity shiatsu is very affordable and comfortable and it’s a very attractive chair.
  • It has a large massage area which lowers up to 60% it also gives automate neck massage’
  • It has a remote control with led and has multiple programs and techniques.
  • The massage shiatsu recliner is strong when you recliner you keep on adding weight and that brings some pain you feel but for the good of your health.
  • The gravity massage chair helps to promote great posture, it aligners your spine which alleviate pressure that is put on the nerves.
  • It gives a full body massage from up all the way to your feet, the best part is it releases endorphins when your body is more relaxed, and feeling great and fresh you became positive and your wounds start to heal faster that before this is as a result of endorphin.
  • The Gravity recliner massage chair comes with great comfort level throughout even when not in use it still looks beautiful and elegant.
  • Shiatsu massage chair is easy to work with the connected remote control and easy to use interface.


The Gravity shiatsu chair recliner is not recommended for tall people, due to its size it take large pace.

Another thing is that the shiatsu has a very minimal warranty

Final Note

This best gravity recliner for sleeping features several airbags with vital arrangement for focusing on various parts of the body. With Gravity shiatsu massage recliner chair you can also enjoy heat therapy of the lower back, air press massage for the neck, vibration for buttocks, and air massage for shoulders, back, and hips.

One of the best massage chair available is the Gravity shiatsu recliner massage chair though is mostly depends on one’s needs and budget. This is a quality chair that will make your money valuable, always know what you really want before making your order Gravity shiatsu may cost you more, but it’s the best for your physical requirement. Risking for more extra dollars and in the end, you get quality with the latest technology.

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