ESAB Victor 0384-2036 Journeyman Heavy Duty Cutting System

If you are a looking for a cutting system that provides you accurate results and which does the job smoothly for you then perhaps the “Victor 0384-2036 Journeyman Heavy Duty Cutting System” is the product which you should be heading towards.  

The product is equipped with Acetylene Gas Service and along with it, a Fuel Gas Regulator is also very much there. This is one of the best cutting torch systems, which is conducive for all kind of professional welding and cutting operations.  The brand tag of ESAB is attached to this item which means that the product is high in excellence!

ESAB Victor 0384-2036 Journeyman Heavy Duty Cutting System

Features Of This ESAB Victor 0384 - 2036 Cutting System

  1. The cutting system has the ability to cut as small as 3/4" and as large as 8" (with optional tips). 
  2. The cutting system also has the welding capacity of 1/2"-3" (along with nozzles which are optional).
  3. The cutting system is armed with check valves, an H 315FC torch handle with Flashback arrestors which are built-in. Other major components of the structure are cleaner, striker and a tip cleaner
  4. The dimension of this heavy cutting system is 12 x 22.2 x 5.3 inches. 
  5. The cutting system has a cutting tip of 1-1-101, the heating nozzle is 8-MFA and the welding nozzle is (W) 1, 3, 5. 
  6. The measuring system of the Journeyman Heavy duty cutting system is Metric as like as their another popular model of 0384-2045 Medium Duty Cutting System
  7. The main manufacturing material of this product is stainless steel
  8. The type of installation associated with the system is gas-welding


  1. This system can be purchased both for set-up models i.e. either OXY/ACETYLENE or OXY/PROPANE.  As a customer, you can choose the model which actually fulfills your needs.
  2. The edge regulator series which comes along with the cutting torch is simply phenomenal. 
  3. The hoses of the product have caps which prevent any kind of impurity to break in. 
  4. The durability of the product is high and there have been cases where the system has operated without developing any kind of default for a year at least. ( manufacturers do provide a warranty)


  1. There are no serious cons or demerits associated with this product. Yes, sometimes defective items may be accidentally dispatched to you however this problem can be fixed once you make a proper complaint to your provider. 
  2. The utilization and handling of this kit should be done by someone who is proficient and experienced.  Handling of the system by a layman can lead to serious injuries and accidents.

Final Note

If you want your cutting operations to be cool and effective then Journeyman Heavy Duty Cutting System is ideal for you. The system has all the components which make welding and cutting operations easy for the operator.

The product is being offered in every store out there with a fair warranty. If you are professional and if you know what cutting is all about then this product is the future for you. The product is very safe and easy to utilize.

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