Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss 3-Rail Multi-Drive Socket Organizer

Utilize the full benefits of the 3-Rail Multi-Drive Socket Organizer with twist lock features that holds 45 sockets firmly in position. There are features make this 19-inch socket holder easy to use.

The user will find our socket set organizer tray handy and sturdy to withstand the weight of all inverted locked sockets. The socket organizer comes with an opportunity for customization, and other limitless features for sorting your own set of steel sockets. 

More so, for easy identification of sockets, the 19-inch rail socket organizer uses the engraved label on the tray to place various socket sizes with I.D. stickers. This positioning is a smart way to go about stacking your loose sockets without misplacing them.

Features Of This Multi-Drive Socket Organizer

Serves a wide variety of socket storage: The 3-Rail Multi-Drive Socket Organizer is versatile in the storage of essential sockets of different sizes. A package of the product comes with the following parts.

  • 1 unit of socket tray
  • 3-piece universal socket rails
  • 15 units of twist lock socket clips for 1/4-inch drive sockets
  • 15 units of twist lock socket clips for 3/8-inch drive sockets
  • 15 units of twist lock socket clips for 1/2-inch drive sockets
  • Identification stickers for arranging sockets

Can fit anywhere: The set of multi-drive socket organizer is a pack of storage, but it will fit into your chest toolbox, drawer and can be mounted on a workbench. The respective trays are detachable and can be hung on a pegboard attached to the garage wall. The compact multi-drive storage set fits a small space even if the toolkit holds a large number of weighty sockets. 

Great precision tool: The Twist-Lock Socket Tray has been calibrated to give useful precision in fastening a socket onto the base of the tray. Twist-Lock clips come with engraved numbering that shows the size of sockets to insert on the tray. With the precision feature, your tools are secure for transport and loss on transit is prevented. 

Lightweight and sturdy: The lightweight set of socket organizer has dimensions of 19.75 x 5.3 x 1.35 inches and holds 45 units of twist lock socket clips. On each tray, there is a sturdy base that holds 15 clips each for 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/8-inch drive sockets.

Sockets remain secured: We know how valuable your loose sockets hence we offer a great level of security. This compact multi-drive storage set ensure the respective sockets rails are attached to the base tray for security. The various sizes of 45 sockets are unlocked and locked and with the touch of a button.


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    This compact multi-drive storage holds 45 sockets of different sizes that fits a small drawer, mounts on a workbench, or used on-the-go.
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    It saves money and time using a full-length 19-inch rail that loads all or a great part of sockets in the workshop. To get some customized storage pattern, the buyer can switch respective rails or take them off.  More so, socket clips are easily detached from the tray to make room for other sizes of sockets clips.
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    The use of this Twist-Lock Socket Tray is limitless as the owner can trade tray colors, swap out drive sizes and label the sockets according to their sizes. The easy identification and replacement of sockets are possible with the use of precision markings on the trays.
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    With the purchase and use of the twist-lock socket set, the owner finds a seamless option to add extension holders and ratchet. This feature is another unique way of organizing your set of sockets.


This compact multi-drive storage is more expensive than the regular single-drive set of socket tray.

Final Thought

This multi-drive socket rail is an ideal way of stacking all your sockets in on the tray. This socket holder gives an all-in-one benefit as it is easy to account for all the sockets that were used during a task. The multi-drive tray fits into regular toolboxes and can stay in the compartment of your truck without losing the attached sockets.

The plastic tray contains three socket rails and is easily stackable. The twist-lock set ensures that your inverted sockets don't fall off the base as they are locked in tightly.

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