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Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot

Aging comes with some unpleasant body changes like muscular, and joint aches. Are you suffering from shoulder, back, and waist pains? This electric massage chair recliner has power rollers for easing muscle stress, and body fatigue. The machine has multi massage functions that imitate the Chinese massage method; kneading, tapping, knocking, and shiatsu. 

Take control of your back aches; enjoy lumbar and spine support with this sensitive massage chair. It has built-in special heat therapy system on the foot soles and lower back parts of the chair.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot

The chair recliner uses over 30 airbags heat intelligent roller system that aligns with the shape and contour of the user’s back. More so, this recliner is ideal for people of different height because the seating position can be adjusted.

More so, the electric chair recliner allows a maximum lying angle of 170 degrees. It allows users to flex to flex their muscles, stretch their lower limbs and enjoy some quality massage session. You can rejuvenate your mind by using a massage chair with an all-in-one relaxation technique.

Features of The Massage Electric Chair

Recovery Program​

Old people, orthopedic patients, and people that need the full-body massage with be impressed with the effectiveness of this product. The recliner offers some recovery techniques on aching necks by using the massage feature. It’s massage heads focus on areas of your neck that are under the negative effects of stress. They relieve the pains by delivering “tsubo points” on your neck.

Innovative design​

The upholstery is perforated on the backrest (close to the seat); the flexible chair cover aligns with the contour of your back and covers every part during the massage session. The aesthetic design of this recliner chair is a unique feature that aids full body massage. And make it a comfortable recliner for sleeping as well.

Shiatsu results​

There are many forms of Chinese massage, and this electric chair recliner delivers the Shiatsu results by using power rollers. The built-in rollers aid muscle relaxation and reduce fatigue. A well-rested body produces a sound mind, and boost overall physical health.

Compression and Percussion​

The stretched footrest works with compression and percussion features that support the proper circulation of blood. As blood moves from your vessels to other vital organs, the massage chair offers some techniques that improve flexibility. More so, there’s ease of limbs mobility and adequate space for leg posture. The chair has foot soles that adults and teenagers can use conveniently during a massage session.


  • The leg-rest platform is adjustable by using a remote control (with built-in visual display unit)
  • Over 30 airbags, and heat intelligent power roller system
  • It supports mobility, and flexibility of your joints
  • It improves the posture of your legs and aids blood circulation.
  • It automatically adjusts massage intensity
  • Unique side flap armrest


The chair weighs a whopping 300lbs; it’s not easily used outdoors because it’s not portable.

Final verdict

You can perform backrest up, backrest down, leg-rest up, and leg-rest down positions with this electric massage and recliner chair. The chair uses an intelligent heating system with the support of the holt sensor, and signal test switches. These built-in devices determine the user’s body height and range from the upholstery of the sensor.

Then the massage intensity is automatically adjusted to suit the user. There are other massage features like the electric power vibration motor and double-layered airbags for your thighs. Your buttocks will enjoy the air pressure massage system, while the pains in your muscles will be eased by the technique of kneading. Relieving muscle stress, and improving blood circulation through the system of massage are the reasons why this product is better than regular massage chairs.

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