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EBL lithium Rechargeable Batteries 3000mAh 3.7V and Li-ion Battery Charger

18650 batteries in general are a special form of Lithium-ion batteries which are not only bigger than other AA batteries but can also be rechargeable.

Having a dimension of 18mm*65mm. Various types of high power machines or tools such as, gadgets, tools, solar grids, flashlights, electric motors, laptops and equipment which can store power more efficiently uses 18650 rechargeable batteries.

For the charger, you’ll necessarily need an 18650 battery charger that can effectively manage your Li-ion batteries (18500 14500) carefully, since such batteries are high powered and of a sensitive nature.

Features Of This EBL Battery and Li-ion Charger

Our product comes with the following features which makes us recommend this particular charger and battery to any customer or user who needs long lasting and effective chargers/batteries.

EBL battery charger

Overcharging Capabilities: The 18650 Lithium charger is able to automatically detect battery status, which helps stop a plugged battery from getting over-charged when its full instantly which is a safety setting, and since these batteries are produced with lead and nickel, they can easily melt due to excess heat if overcharged.

Charging speed: This product can easily charge Lithium battery quickly at the rate of 0.5 to 0.1 Amps, and higher Amps would actually mean a very fast charging duration, and therefore would be greater.

Indicators: This charger comes with a LED lights allowing you to know if battery charge status, shows—RED when charging, and—GREEN when full.

Charging 2 batteries at once: Another great feature of this product is its ability to instantly charge 2 pieces of Lithium batteries simultaneously which helps ease stress and cost of having 2 chargers.

EBL 18650 batteries

Very low discharge capability: These Lithium batteries tend to hold a very high capacity of up to 75% after 1 year of no use, especially after being fully charged.

Long Lasting vitality: These products last up to a whopping 1000 cycles, and equally has a high rate of electric charge retention with an excellent form of discharge performance at a very high temperature, which is a very useful utility property.

Heat shedding abilities: These batteries have been noted to be good when it comes to shedding heat, even sort circuit and detection of input voltage, and all these helps retain and lengthen battery life and cycle.

Higher Voltage: EBL batteries especially 18650 Li-ion batteries have a higher voltage of 0.1 volts higher than other batteries when fully charged, which has been discovered to be more suitable for usage over a long time.


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    The batteries are long lasting as seen by so many customers or users which is also one of the major purposes why users choose this product.
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    The ability of the charger to be able to recharge two batteries at the same time is fairly good and innovative. 
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    Indicator lights have been noted to be a very good advantage of this particular charger because it helps to easy show when a charge is either complete or not.
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    The batteries capability to shed heat and detect input voltage and that of short circuit, helps retain battery life.
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    Its ability of having 0.1 volts’ higher capacity than other Lithium batteries makes it more appropriate for a long time utility.


  • It’s been noticed that the charger does not hold batteries very well and in some certain circumstances produces false reading for the battery status.
  • Also some users noticed that these batteries a times tend to heat up when overcharged and thus might lead to hazards like explosions and accidents

Final Thought

So in conclusion you need a quality Li-ion battery (18650 18500 14500 Battery) and charger, (EBL Li-ion Charger) can never seem to be a bad choice, so from the above features and advantages or pros listed above this product seems to be top notch in the market as regards batteries and charger.

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