EBL Battery Charger Review – Li-ion AA/AAA with iQuick Technology

The EBL battery charger has specific individual charging ports for 1 to 2 separate but compatible batteries and a charging speed of up to 500mA during charging, which is more effective to boost the batteries’ capacity.

It also allows DC charge, which could possibly be used in vehicles and any form of DC charging occasion. It is also Portable and suitable for traveling.

EBL Battery Charger Review

It also comes with a smart LED light which is better for users and customers to know its charging progress and status.

Features Of This EBL Battery Charger With iQuick Technology

Listed below are certain features of this amazing product which could be a necessary information for certain users to go through before purchasing this smart product.

Quick Charge: With a current output of up to 500mA-50mA, its been noticed to take just half of the normal time for other batteries full charge for this battery to be filled than other normal batteries when charged.

Automatic stop: This charger which is an MCU controlled tech having a V pulse charging system, it built to stop charging the battery when fully charged automatically.

Overheat detection: This product has the capability to automatically detect batteries temperature when charging and whenever it detects the battery to be over-heating trips off and instantly stops charging.

Overcharging detection: The charger is designed to detect a battery’s status, especially when it’s fully charged and immediately stops charging thereby avoiding overheating and thus helps elongate battery life.

3 charge modes: It also has the ability to charge the battery in three different modes for double protection and accurate or full charge, at first stage-- Constant Charge Current I.e (CC), the-- Constant Charge Voltage (CCV), and finally-- Trickle Charge(this helps to fully charge the battery.


Here are some of the added advantages this special charger has over other similar chargers in the market.

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    The ability of the LED indicator light to turn green when fully charged and blue when still in charging mode is a good quality of this charger.
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    Certain user commended the product for its ability to quickly and efficiently charge batteries unlike most other chargers out there.
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    Its ability to charge 2 batteries simultaneously is a good feature of this product and thus makes it compatible and light-weight.
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    Also, the price which users see to be very cheap is a property which boosts sales for this particular product when compared to other products in the market.
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    Simply charges most types of Li-ion batteries. Such as 18650, AA, AAA type. They can all fit and get supercharged very well by this EBL smart charger.


Here also are some problems or disadvantages some users experience listed below:

  • Some users also prefer using a charger with LED light that indicates voltage level and this charger doesn’t come with such a property, and these users don’t appreciate it for this.
  • Quick discharge is a problem many users have found with this product and as such are dissatisfied with the product because of it because after long duration of charging, the batteries doesn’t last long on use. 
  • Also, certain users complain about the charger having just 2 slots for battery charge. And wish the it can charge more than just two.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the EBL Battery Charger for rechargeable 18650 batteries is an overall good charger. Which helps you charge batteries individually reducing stress of one at a time charging. Super innovative and colorful LEDS telling you level of each battery charge.

Thus making it one of the best chargers although it has few unnecessary faults, users still recommend it as the best charger.

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