Dynabrade 59020 Dynorbital-Spirit Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

Fantastic! If you ever wanted that high-quality orbital sander or an air tool to refinish your project, this product has all your needs brought home. The Dynabrade would make you believe it true that not only their pads will fit this Sander but also any other pad with a 5/16-24 thread will fit the sander.

If you want to compare this product with the electric random orbital sander, you will find that it sands two to three times as fast as the latter would do. You can use it with a 5 HP, two cylinders 60 gallons Campbell Hausfeld vertical compressor and it will not even seem to have any troubles keeping up with your sander.

Features Of This Dynabrade 59020 Dynorbital-Spirit Sander

Of course, you need that sander that is quieter and much lighter for the convenience of your operations. I would recommend this sander to anyone who would wish to make the next step up from an electric sander that also has the air capacity available.

​You can probably buy one and try it out. The following review would guide in your choice for this fantastic tool.

5 Inch Random Orbital Sander

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Easy Control

This product features an optional vacuum conversion kit available in it that enables easy conversion of non-vacuum tool to self-generated tool or a central vacuum tool. This prevents the option of providing an additional unit or tool so as to effect this purpose.

​This inclusion provides the easiest way possible for this products control. Those with little knowledge controlling this tool can have the privilege to enjoy using it with utmost ease without fear.

Effective Tool

The sander features a floating rotor that utilizes five blades, thus producing much more usable power. In this way, less air is used in a more efficient manner to maintain the maximum power for use during the sanding operations.

​The extra usable power, as a result, is 25HP/186W. The high-energy composite rotor has superior lubricating traits that allow for blades to save your time. It also gives a greater safety versus the chilly air exhausts.

Comfort Platform

This Sander has an elaborate comfort platform that provides additional hand and wrist support during its operation. This further maximizes the operator comfort, and also offers increased protection against the cold air exhaust.

​It is important to note that the Comfort Platform is removable, hence adds to the convenience of this tool. Purchase one and experience the comfort of the tool while operating it. Many of our customers bring feedback as to the comfort offered by this sander.

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Convenient Tool

The tool features a Throttle Lever that recesses into the housing grip when depressed. This eliminates the pressure placed on operator's palm. The lever is shade-coded to designate the tool orbit.

​Talk of the quick upkeep and the vacuum conversions; the Muffler features which are conveniently altered so that maintenance is done with ease. The sander has very minimal audio levels as the muffling method that it features minimizes exhaust sound stages.

Ergonomic Design

The Pace Manager allows thumb-management thus regulating the of resource velocity while in operation. Lighter air motor assembly is very suitable for vertical and overhead sanding applications sanding.

​his is one tool that offers all you need on matters sanding. You will need to replace that which you already have, in case you have one, due to the superb features that this sander comes with. Your job will be fast done with comfort and your desired efficiency when you try this tool.

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  • Low vibration.
  • Strong tool.
  • High power production.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • A bit expensive compared to standard sanders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of an air compressor does one need to run this Sander?

A: If you have a pancake of say 5-6 gal will only run it for a few seconds. If you have an 80 gallon Quincy, you can run it with a 2 stage pump and it keeps up though it kicks on regularly if you are sanding much work.

Q: Is there any warranty offered for this product? If yes, under what conditions?

A: Should there be any issue with this product, say a defective part, Dynabrade will stand behind their product. However, if there is wear and tear part, or any misuse of any kind, they do offer a warranty.

Q: Is this product suitable for finishing the automotive metals?

A: This sander is very suitable for finishing those metals, and we have always used it on many occasions in our shops.

Final Verdict

A fantastic obtain, great solution. I know you have wanted a tool that is very helpful on metallic and composite surfaces and still do not want to be disappointed in its price.

The Dynabrade 59020 type sander has greater provision than the normal value of energy sanders. Should you consider its random orbital attributes, you are bound to realize that it is worth the added bucks.

Therefore, the 59020 type is not that standard electrical power sander, and hence it can create that amazing surface finish in for a variety of components. I recommend this for you by virtue of its fabulous features to enable your job done effectively and conveniently with a measure of comfort.

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