Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Non Vacuum Random Orbital Sander Review

Great comfort and user-friendly sanders are among the most important features that users look for in sanding machines. To add to this is the ability of the tool to perform well and provide the smooth and quality work expected.

Made from a low profile design, improved control of the sander and enhanced operator visibility the supreme non vacuum sander has it right for the job.

The housing shape has been made to not only conform to the user's hand but also provides great wrist position required for the comfortable use and control of the tool.

Features Of This Dynabrade 56815 Random Sander

Non Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

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The dynabrade sander has an upgraded motor ideal for the finishing and debarring of metal, wood, composites, marble and much more. This results in more speed as the tool swirls to give a great finish.


The tool is equipped with a low profile; premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad that gives ultra-smooth swirls to provide a great finish.

The tool has also been accustomed to converting easily non-vacuum to a self-generated or central vacuum tool which ensures that the sander is at its optimal performance always.

Less Noisy

This supreme sander has been made to produce fewer vibrations while working. This is due to the presence of an air motor suspended by vibration-absorbing rubber rings to minimize vibration, and this works to reduce noise emission from the tool while working

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User Friendly

The 56815 Dynabrade orbital sander has a composite base with integrated rubber over-mold creating a non-slip feel to the user while handling it and insulates the users' hands from the cold of the tool.

The housing shape has also been made to not only conform to the user's hand but also provides great wrist position required for the comfortable use and control of the tool making it quite easy and comfortable for the user.

Safe To The User

This sander has an anti-clog design fitted to enhance the vacuum pick up of dust while the tool is working. The dust particles are directed away from the air motor which would result to clogging if the particles were to reach it.

​They are then channeled to a smoother and easier extraction point where they cannot cause a clogging effect to the tool. All these also ensure that the dust is not inhaled by the user hence safe for use.

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This supreme sander runs at 12000 revolutions per minute as the rotor utilizes five blades and produces more usable power for the tool ensuring great job performance.

​This rotor is stronger and has better lubricating qualities resulting to the blades lasting longer. Presence of a triple sealed front double row balance bearing is guarded against sanding residue thus lower maintenance and ensures the sander is effective as expected.


  • Speed is well assured for the tool as it runs at 12000 revolutions per minute
  • The sander is durable since the rotor that produces power is stronger than other models and is made in a way that it has better lubricating qualities that ensure great performance and durability.
  • Maintenance is low for the sander as sanding residue is guarded ensuring it does not get to the rest of the tool.
  • Anti-clog design ensures the sender does not get clogged by the sanding dust produced while working making it safe and long lasting.
  • Slipping while using the sander is not a problem as it has been fitted with a composite base with integrated rubber over-mold.
  • Housing shape offers comfort


  • Though the sander is fast, it runs a bit slower on rougher surfaces but all in all, it does not leave swirls.
  • The sander does not have a power saving mode hence needs full attention once it has been switched on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequently does one need to lubricate the tool?

A: The best way to know if the sander needs to be lubricated is by listening to the vibrations if they become more intense then one should consider lubrication right away

Q: After how long should one change the blades?

A: While sanding, the performance of the tool will indicate if it needs a change of blades since once lubricated they serve for long and effectively

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Final Verdict

The state of sanding to get quality work wholly relies on and depends on the quality of a sander and the Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non Vacuum Random Orbital Sander is perfect for the job. Check this article for more orbital sander reviews.

​Leaving no swirls and comfortable to the user is an assurance that this orbital sander has got it all to perform the sanding job expected and in the best quality.

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