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Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

Looking for stylish lavish chair in your living room, bedroom or study room, then Bonded comfortable leather recliner chair is the best choice to purchase. When at relaxing you need to feel that fresh breeze near your bedroom window or at the balcony then the best chair to have is bonded leather recliner chair.

The bonded leather is so comfortable for resting your back while enjoying your evening. It is made of beautiful traditional design; the best part is it comes well wrapped in durable leather upholstery.

The bonded leather recliner chair is very comfortable due to its unique design. The bonded leather recliner is large when compared to other chairs. The bonded leather looks beautiful with its fussy style that it will give your living room an elegance touch.

Features Of This Bonded Later Recliner Living Room Chair

  • It is made of artificial material which is not hard to produce and also the materials can easily be found, perfect in size with a Dimensions of 40"H x 36"W x 37”D
  • The head rest is designed well to bring out good comfort, which come with a spare one just in case the first gets spoiled.
  • The size is relatively small that makes it easier to be placed in any room, good for sleeping position and guest room for relaxing after long journey. 
  • Made from good material bonded leather, which is the best combination of cotton, polyester and leather
  • It has springs to support the comfort of the seat
  • Perfect for your nursery room and essay to move around and also does not make movement noise.
  • Comes with a beautiful sage that matches with most floor and carpets, it is also easy to clean 
  • A smooth kickback that works perfectly, with an armrest that has full comfort, extra wide.
  • The bonded leather recliner is made with quality brown microfiber that pets can’t claw, it has a strong weave, with a hardwood frame and soft cushioning material.
  • Good back rest that slides and easy to arrange.


  1. There are so many colors to go with any type of your decor
  2. The fabric is soft and very comfortable
  3. Compared to the comfort and quality it brings it is silently cheap
  4. The hand rest is very comfortable
  5. It has an encased coil
  6. Very comfortable for big or tall men.


  1. Due to materials used it gets worn out quickly and starts to get wobbly, it’s not durable at all.
  2. The warranty of the chair is limited and not past 30 days, and not the best for office use.
  3. The material used is very expensive to repair in case it gets torn, and the chance of doing so many repairs is very high.

Final Note

Eventually how long your bonded leather is going to last will fully depend on where it is placed. The unfinished leather is very venerable as it fades easily when in contact with direct sunlight, compared to finished that is treated thus protected from coating. The best way to have your bonded leather last long is have the decor of the room dark, and then you can enjoy your sofa for some long period.

In conclusion if you plan to place this best recliner chair for sleeping in the children’s rooms make sure you purchase its top-grain leather. This is the best quality and can withstand all the trials. Another way to save some few dollars is the producer can just cover a few parts with the top-grain leather and not the whole sofa, specifically the seating area and a few parts that come in contact with the body most often like the back when leaning.

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