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DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit

Are you looking for a router that is efficient? Choose DEWALT DWP611PK router. It is a modern router which can make your cutting, profiling, and joining work easy. This router is one of the best you can get on the market because it has the following features.

Features Of This Dewalt DWP611PK Router Combo Kit

Variable speed control

This router comes with a variable speed control feature which is important in the adjustment of the bit speed. When doing your woodwork, you need to adjust the speed of your router depending on the type of wood you are working with.

If you have a router that only runs at top speeds, the chances of burning your wood are high. It happens especially when you are working on dense and oily woods such as maple and cherry.

Speed control feature can be useful in such a situation since it will enable you to reduce the speed to an appropriate level. A router with a low bit speed is also problematic because it will make the surface of your wood rough.

This feature will rescue your wood from a slow bit by giving you an ability to increase the speed to the right bit speed.

Soft-starting motor

A high router startup speed is dangerous to the user. High speed will always cause a sudden jerk on the woodwork which can easily screw up the cut.

It can cause an accident or injure the user if the right speed is not used. This router will solve such problems at your workplace because it has a soft starting motor.

A soft-starting motor is unique because it will start at low speeds when the router is powered on, then it will slowly accelerate, and within a few seconds, it will be at the preset speed.

LEDs and a clear Sub-Base

Sometimes you might need accurate cuts on your woodwork which is not easy. With this router, it will be easy for you to make more precise cuts.

A clear and extended sub-base will provide you with a wide field of view to see the part of the woodwork you are cutting clearly. Also, dual LED’s will provide you with enough light to do your operations even in dark rooms.

This feature makes this router one of the best you can get on Amazon since you can center the bit more accurately and get a clear view of the work area underneath.

Durable motor

It has a motor that can operate for long hours without overheating. Long operation hours will give you more output which can increase profit for your business.

The quality and efficiency of the motor will enable you to work on some of the toughest woods that exist on the planet. Also, the motor has been thoroughly tested by experts to ensure that it is reliable and efficient.

It can operate efficiently in extreme weather conditions and different climatic conditions including the tropic. This feature will enable you to work in any season of the year without problems.

Finally, if you have bits of various sizes, you don’t have to worry; this motor has been built for high performance with a wide speed range that makes it suitable for a variety of bit sizes.

Adjustment ring

This router allows the user to change the depth of the bit during operation. It is important when you want to create some complex cuts or when you need to create patterns.


  • It has a bit changes call for one wrench.
  • The Double LED's inclusive of a clear base helps to increase the router visibility.
  • Electronic feedback circuitry helps in adjustment hence making the router easier to use
  • The accidents are minimal due to soft start motor
  • It has variable speed control.


It doesn't accompany a dust collector, a hard case, and a centering cone which is fundamental for different routers.

Final Note

The router makes cutting woodwork easier and faster. However, the choice of the router is important if you need to work efficiently for long hours. If you are in need of an efficient router with good features, I can recommend that you this type will perfectly work for you.

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