DEWALT DWHT70278 Aviation Snip Set

Metal cutting is not an easy job and when it comes to sheet metal then you surely need a tool which is safe and which cuts with utmost effectiveness.  The Aviation Snip Set 3pack is an ideal choice for individuals who regularly indulge in metal cutting assignments.  

The DEWALT DWHT70278 Snip set is a new addition to the market. The product has all the features and qualities which confirm professional cuts.  The flush hardware of the set allows you smooth access from the pouch.  The thing is fairly easy to handle provided you have some experience pertaining to metal cutting.

Features Of This DEWALT DWHT70278 Snip Set

There are plenty of Snip sets in the market, the only thing which differentiates these sets are the features. The Dewalt Snip set also has its own bunch of features which makes it different from others. These features are as follows:

  1. The cut set has been designed exceptionally and as mentioned before, it is equipped with flush hardware. The flush hardware facilitates easy access from the pouch.  Moreover, the internal locking mechanism of the cut set has an auto release. 
  2. The forged chrome molybdenum alloy has been the main manufacturing material which means that the reliability and durability of the product are very high. 
  3. The model number is DWHT70278 and the beauty of the item gets enhanced by its yellow color. The weight of the snip set is 2.85 pounds with a dimension of 11.3 x 15 x 7.7 inches.
  4. For operating the Aviation set, you do not need to attach any battery. If you know the art of metal cutting and want a cutting which is safe then this item is a perfect choice for you.


There are many things which make this snip set ideal for different cutting operations or tasks. The merits associated with the item are plenty and some of these merits are as follows:

  • The packaging of the set is professional and the item itself is sharp, crafted and stout. Through this product, you can easily make a variety of different cuts. The price is also not that expensive.
  • The tool can be utilized in a variety of projects whether it is metal roofing or any other assignment, the invention is simply awesome. The beauty of the snips lies in the fact that they keep on getting sharper and sharper as per the jobs. The designing of the snip set is exceptional. 
  • The brand behind the product i.e. Dewalt is very well-known in the market and is recognized in the world for its quality products. 
  • You can easily cut Aluminum sheets as well through this set.


Like any other human invention, this particular one also has some cons or negatives linked to it. Though they are not many however some of them have been listed and described in the points below:

  • Sometimes it becomes very difficult to use the lock single-handedly Moreover the equipment sometimes fails to perform well during heavy duty operation. 
  • Within a passage of time, the tool may start jamming which obviously has a negative impact on its efficiency and effectiveness.

Final Note

Dewalt is basically an American Brand known for producing hand tools and power tools for woodworking, construction, and manufacturing industry.  The brand has been operating since the year 1923 and hence is a credible name in the marketplace.  DEWALT DWHT70278 Aviation Snip Set 3pack is not a bad choice, especially for professionals. The tool surely fulfills the criteria of excellence and effectiveness.

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