Dewalt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander | Model – DWE6423K

Smooth surfaces are just one of the basics to the beauty of our homes and with beauty in mind, rough surfaces do not stand a chance. This is made possible by sanding, and rough becomes smooth and​​​​ fine.

​There are several sanders in the market all that promise to give you the sanding you wish for, but none has come close to what the Dewalt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander is capable of doing.

Features Of This Dewalt DWE6423K Sander

Dewalt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

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With a 3.0 amp motor, speed is assured. Its shorter height allows closer working for better sanding while a separate counterweight reduces vibration and user fatigue. The dust from the sanding work is collected and stored in the dust bag hence safe to the user.

Dewalt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander review

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Safe To Use

The presence of an improved dust collector canister fitted to the sander is not only one handed but also lockable and ensures that the kit is health safe to the user.

This is because the dust produces while the kit is working is harmful to the respiratory health of the user if by any chance he/she breathes in the dust.


No one wants or wishes to purchase an item that will not last and will be of short service to the user. To assure users of not having to worry about this, the orbit sander kit has an improved dust switch which protects against ingestion of the dust that may clog the kit.

Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

Check Out More Details Of This Product

It also has a rubber over-mold in all of the critical areas which also help ensure it does not break easily thus proves it to be long lasting.


  • Shorter design of the kit allows the user to get closer to the work
  • Dust produced while the kit is working is not worry about since in place has been fitted a backing dust bag that stores dust
  • Speed though regulated to the user's specification, is not an issue to worry of since the kit is installed with a 3 amp motor that enables it to reach a speed ranging from 8000-12000
  • Presence of a one handed and lockable improved dust collector canister ensures dust produced while working is collected and stored in the dust bag to be emptied whenever it gets full
  • The rubber over-mold helps ensure that the kit lasts longer and also helps provide comfortable sanding


  • The kit is corded which restricts movement to some extent, but this is taken care of as the cord is a long one
  • The dust bag is not that big, so it has to be emptied once in a while when it gets full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the kit restricted to sanding furniture?

A: This Dewalt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander is a modern one and can be used for sanding even metal and plastic

Q: To get rid of the dust does one always have to detach the dust bag?

A: This sander kit is more advanced, and the dust bag has a port that can be directly attached with dust collectors that suck dust direct from the dust bag

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Final Verdict

This Dewalt DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit is a more advanced one and has not only the ability but also the features to fully and perfectly perform its job to satisfaction.

With great speed, perfection, and a self-dust collection system the kit is safe to the user and easier to handle as well not forgetting its durability as well. For a classic sanding kit that has it all in one, then this DeWalt orbit sander is the one for you.​

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