Dewalt DWE6421K Random Orbit Sander Kit

For a perfect all-round sanding job there are few sanding tools on sale that can help you achieve perfect results but with the Dewalt Random Orbit Sander Kit, sanding has never got better and enjoyable before. This sanding kit is easy to use and feels comfortable as well helping one achieve classic sanding results.

This random orbital sander has just what is needed to prove that it is one of a kind. I have tried several sanding kits overtime, but none has provided great results and a clean working environment with less worry about the dust like this DWE6421K random orbit sander.

The sander has a firm grip that allows one to maintain control and sanding rough surfaces fully is not a problem anymore to worry about. It's the perfect multi-use sander system to have and very convenient.

Dewalt Random Orbit Sander Kit

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Easy to move

This sander has been designed to have a separate counterweight design which makes the kit easy to move around with. This feature also helps reduce the vibrations caused when the kit is working and increases comfort.


The Orbital Sander Kit is designed to have a shorter height that allows the user to get closer to the work surface which increases the better sanding and comfort since one does not strain while using the kit. This is efficient in using the kit since also it is easy to spot any mistakes made while sanding and correct them.


The sander has been fitted with rubber over-mold in all of the critical areas of the sander which ensures that the kit lasts long. This over-mold protects the kits covered surface from aging or getting destroyed while handling the kit. This rubber also gets worn out first before the kits edges and thus ensures its durability.

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Dust free

No one would want to use a kit that produces sand, and it spreads all over the environment and working surface. This is because dust has health risks to people and dirties the working area.

​This orbital sander has this problem solved as it has an improved dust collection and one handed locking dust bag. It also has an improved dust-sealed switch to protect against dust ingestion for longer switch lie and better sanding results.


This kit is a state of the modern art sander to help ensure great sanding results. It has a 3 amp motor that delivers 12000 revolutions per minute which is a great speed especially on very rough services. The pads have a hook and loop system that ensures an easy change of the pads while using the kit.

DEWALT Random Orbit Sander Kit
  • The shorter height allows the user to get closer to the work surface for perfect sanding
  • The improved dust sealed switch helps protect against dust ingestion for longer switch life and better kit maintenance.
  • The presence of an improved dust collection system directed to a locking dust bag ensures clean workspace.
  • Rubber over-mold in all of the vital areas of the sander helps ensure the durability of the kit.
  • Separate counterweight design reduces vibration and also helps with the easy movement of the kit.


  • The sander is not speed regulated as it lacks a variable speed switch
  • It is corded that means the movement is limited to a certain distance or work area

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The sanding discs don't stick to the pad how can I solve this?

A: If more than one discs do not stick then you should consider changing the pad.

Q: Do I always have to empty the dust bag?

A: This sander has a dust port fitted that can be directed to other vacuum systems for disposal thus you can connect the sander or empty the bag when full manually.

Q: What might be wrong if the sander is vibrating more than usual?

A: Check the dust bag to see if it is still well fitted since more intense vibrations may be a result from dust clogging in the kit. Empty the dust bag, clean the kit and fix it again.

This DWE6421K Sander has had a great impression in its work and sanding perfection. I have found it comfortable to use and quite fast and leaves no swirls on the surface.

It also maintains a clean working surface free of dust. With its ease of operation, clearly, this is the sander to have for achieving smooth and perfect sanding work.

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