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Devoko Manual Single Recliner Chair PU Leather Modern Living Room Sofa

The manual single recliner chair is covered with soft leather upholstery and its ideal for modern living room sofa. Apart from having a PU leather cover, the underlying structure is a combination of a wooden frame, and with solid metal.

The high-quality materials have the strength to ensure durability. Do you require padded cushion recliners that can serve as adjustable home theater seats? This is a ideal recliner for back pain and sleeping. The foldable leg rest and back seat rest operate manually. 

Manual Single Recliner Chair

So, without stressing yourself, enjoy this adjustable sofa with your favorite TV shows. Finding home theater recliners that are made of high-quality materials can be an uphill task.

However, the marketplace is filled with contemporary recliners. Unlike regular products, this Devoko Manual Single Recliner Chair is stylishly built to improve the interior decoration of every living space.

Features of The Manual Single Recliner by Devoko

Padded design​

The recliner is soft and comfortable to lay on because of the high-end finishing with extra padding on the back seat. Apart from using this product as a home theatre seat; the padded cushions can offer orthopedic support. This is the ideal modern living room sofa with improved aesthetic designs.

Sturdy construction​

It's right to say the single recliner chair is compact because of the strength of its material. The PU leather upholstery is stain-resistant and has underlying metal, and wood frame supports. The sturdy construction ensures this product can handle users with large weighs; especially adults users.

Versatile parts​

The single manual recliner chair is fitted with many parts that offer value. It has a foldable footrest, curvy armrests, reclining seats, and padded back seats. All parts of this chair increase the comfort of its user.

Home theatre equipment​

Nobody needs stress while watching their favorite movie, or TV show. However, this home theater recliner is a perfect addition to your cinema. You can be assured there are strong wooden and metal frames that will give the body some extra support when you choose to lay and enjoy movies.


The back seat reclines with ease by using the manual lever to choose the desired position. More so, the seat is adjusted flexibly to suit the different positions of relaxation. The product is stylish, multifunctional, and improves the interior decor of the living space.


  • The recliner chair is covered with fine and soft PU Leather
  • It has extra padding with soft foam in the seat and backrest areas
  • The footrest is covered with double thick padded
  • It has wider and curvy armrests
  • The product comes with installation manual for easy assembly 
  • It has a dimension of 27 x 29 x 38 inches and weighs only 57.1 pounds. So you don't need large floor space to place the piece of furniture


The PU leather might be soft and stain-proof, but it's not tough enough to withstand strong pokes. A tougher PU leather material might have been able to withstand wear and tear easily.

Final Verdict

This recliner has a soft leather surface and strong underlying structures of wood and metal frames. It's great to use this chair as a living room sofa, and home theater entertainment simultaneously. Apart from having soft leather, the manual single recliner is comfortable and doesn't require a strenuous process of installation.

Instead, the Devoko recliner sofa could be set up within three-minutes after delivery. Apart from your home theatre, there are many places to use this recliner in the living room. It simply measures 27 x 29 x 38 inches and weighs only 57.1 pounds.

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