Bosch ROS20VSK 120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit

A stylish home is one that we all want to have, and one of the most important items in our homes is the furniture we have which gives the home a stylish and beautiful look that's makes us feel comfortable and proud of our homes.

Features Of This Bosch ROS20VSK 120v Variable Speed Sander Kit

Carpenters and woodworkers have to come up with furniture designs that will give a house the stylish look and beauty that customers seek. As unique and beautiful as they come, the Bosch Ros20vsk helps give that finish to the furniture as expected.

With a polisher in place and a soft landing pad, the kit has nothing less but great performance. The dampening ring helps ensure no swirl marks are present. A carrying case and micro filter dust canister get rid of dust from the furniture.

bosch ros20vsk 120 volt variable speed random orbit sander kit

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Light in Weight

The Bosch ROS20VSK 120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit is made from a light carrying case material that has a 7.8-pound mass which makes it very easy for the user to handle without much effort.


The kit has been fitted with an optimized combination of pad orbit and rotation reaching to a maximum speed of 12000 revolutions per minute (RPM) . This feature helps deliver fast removal that in turn results in a well-blended ultra-smooth finish.


The Bosch toolkit has a case on the exterior side that protects the wire connections inside. It also has an on switch that allows the user to either turn the kit on or off which ensures full control of the kit is to the user. More to make it safe is the presence of a dust bag to collect dust while the kit is working. All these features ensure both physical and health safety of the user.

Easy To Use

The presence of a compact, twist-off dust canister shows the dust level and also minimizes spill back. The twist-off dust canister can also be easily detached from the rest of the kit to get rid of the dust when full. Fatigue of the users hand is taken care of by presence of a comfortable soft grip while the top and body provide multiple grip positions by the user.


It has a low vibration that results to the smooth running of the kit and user comfort. Speed variability is not a problem to worry about while using the kit since a speed dial put in place allows the user to match speed to the task at hand thus the user operates the kit at their convenient speed which proves it very efficient.


  • Variable speed dial controls speed of the kit which enables the user to use it to their preferred speed
  • The kit ensures user comfort is at its best ad has a smooth running during its operation made possible by its low vibrations
  • The kit has a comfortable soft grip that helps ensure comfort while using the kit and has multiple grip positions to prevent hand fatigue
  • The kit covers a large space while working as it uses eight holes, 5 in hook and loop discs
  • The micro filter system traps dust particles that may cause respiratory health risks, and this prevents the user from inhaling them
  • Dust level is shown through the compact twist-off dust canister easily detached to empty dust when full


  • The kit uses a corded system as a power source hence it has a restricted movement.
  • The kit has no internal power source hence has to work from live power

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequently should you clean the kit?

A: Cleaning should be done after every job completion, but the dust canister should be emptied when full even amidst work.

Q: What is the standard working space of the kit?

A: The kit has an 8ft long cord hence provides quite some good length and space of working.

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Final Verdict

The finishing touch the eye-catching furniture need has never got better than with the Bosch ROS20VSK 120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit that allows the carpenters and woodworkers to take on their work and have great results of furniture that well suits their customer's needs. Work made easier and better by this kit proves its worth every penny.

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