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Bosch MRC23EVSK 2.3 HP Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router Pack

Bosch offers you enough power in addition to durability through this 2.3 horsepower plunge combination and non-adjustable base router pack (MRC23EVSK). It has smooth dive activity, spring-bolt dive lever, and profundity pole for exact and straightforward plunge directing.

There's an after bolt microfiber depth modification for precise and straightforward changes at any dive setting, alongside dependably on LED lighting for improved visual ability in bit zone.

The accuracy focusing configuration makes it simple to keep the bit on the cutline when utilizing templets, jigs, dovetail apparatuses and comparative direction gadgets.

Its 2-arrange brisk brace framework makes for quick apparatus free change while the delicate begin lessens start-up torque. Furthermore, there's a rugged conveying case with compartments for simple stockpiling.


  • Motor
  • Non-adjustable Base (MRF01)
  • The base of the plunge (MRP01)
  • 1/4" Self-freeing Collet Chuck
  • 1/2" Self-loosening Collet Chuck
  • 16mm worthy of Shaft Wrench
  • 24mm Nut Wrench Collet
  • T-Handle Height Adjuster Wrench
  • Conveying Case 
  • Pack of the 3M4 bolts for the table fixation

Features And Benefits

  • It features an RPM of10,000-25,000
  • 2.3HP (Max Tool)
  • Trigger regulator system: trigger power button situated in handle for improved control
  • Streamlines plunge action, depth rod, and spring-lock plunge lever for simple and short plunge routing
  • Afterlock microfine depth modification for quick adjustments at all plunge setting
  • Versatile fixed-support area depth adjustment has the continuous microfine modifiable range including the wrench for any adjustments via the top of the optional router table
  • Features continuous LED lighting for excellent visibility in the bit area
  • The precision design lightens the keeping of bit on cutline when on jigs, dovetail fixtures, and templets having same guidance devices
  • 2-stage fast clamp system enables quick tool-free conversion
  • The soft beginning minimizes start-up torque
  • Varying speed dial for aligning speed to the workpiece and task
  • Frequent-response Circuit system ensures stable speed while on load
  • Contoured light grip handles improve control as well as comfort
  • The unchanging base possess threaded pits for holding to router table found in common 3-hole arrangement
  • Cord swivel increases mobility
  • The rugged holding case comes with shelves for all-inclusive items.


Good control of the base

The trigger power system has a power button at the bottom for additional operator control. Having speed dialing variability gives the user time to set the average task speed. There is enough comfort for the user because of the soft touch handles.

The precision is microfine

Accuracy in adjusting the plunge settings is achievable through the micro-fine adjusters within the base. The user has access to continuous readjustment due to the fixed support.

Availability of a high power variable speed motor

Its 2.3 horsepower allows for powering through tough routing tasks. The high strength has support from the engine (15amp) in addition to speed (10,000 to 25,000rpm). Speed maintenance during the cut is evident from the readily available response circuitry.

Stability and smoothness

Holes in the base area give room for router mounting in a three-hole arrangement to improve security. The smoothness of the plunge action emanates from the plunge base. Vision is good using LED lighting.


It is heavy hence it must function while on an excellent table-like surface.

Final Note

In summary, this product contains two practical, precise, and responsive tools essential for woodworking specialists on plunge router in addition to a fixed-base router. These routers provide the ease of efficient speed operation, accurate adjustments, and the long-lasting comfort and regulation of the contoured handles.

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