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Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 Combination Horsepower Plunge and Fixed Base Router Kit

There are various things you can achieve with a powered wood router, and it can give you cabinetry and other woodwork incredible details that showcase your craft.

Finding a wood router should not be a problem as they come in various models, features and sizes. However, not all will meet your needs. It is still important to carefully compare and review your options before spending money on a router.

Bosch 12-amp 1617EVSPK kit is one of the popular routers in the market. Below is a brief descriptive review of the router including its features, Pros and Cons.

Features and Specs

It comes with various trademark features from the manufacturer as well as enhancements integrated to make woodworking an efficient process. Some of the features you will find include;

Powerful motor

It uses a powerful variable-speed 12-amp motor that offers 2.25 horsepower plunge. It is sufficient power to finish light to medium-duty applications. Its speed can rise from 8,000RPM to 25,000RPM. The table’s variable speed is ideal for setting optimal routing and making micro-depth incisions.

Sturdy aluminum construction

With aluminum construction, the router exhibits maximum durability and stability compared to other alternatives within its category. It also uses ergonomic soft-grip plunge base handles, and wooden handles joined to a fixed base.

Besides, aluminum construction, the router comes with a rugged carrying case and concealed dust-sealed power switch. It is simply built for durability and many years of use.

 Inbuilt constant- response- circuit

The inbuilt system ensures your router operates at a constant speed throughout your cutting. It is very important when producing precision micro-adjusted cuts in woodwork crafts. It simply provides a clean, accurate result.

Complete, router kit

The package contains everything you need to set your router including a plunge base, fixed base, chip shields, self-releasing collet-chucks, bit-change and height adjustment wrenches and a carrying case. It supports a collet capacity of ¼, 3/8, and A inches.

Pros of the router

The benefits of Bosch 12-amp 1617EVSPK kit are quite obvious and straightforward. It does exactly what is designed for and does not require much effort.

A quick clamp system allows you to move the motor between the fixed and plunge bases within a matter of seconds, and without any tool. Micro-fine depth adjustment allows you to produce precise bit depths with an accuracy of 1/64 inches and a full inch range. It also uses a soft-start system that reduces the initial amount of torque produced. Other pros of the router include;

-   Very easy to handle, operate and maintain

-   Has safe ergonomic handles

-   Features chip shield and aluminum construction for maximum durability

-   Versatile tool with a variable speed table that allows optimal speed setting

-   Has precision centering on keeping your bit on intended cut-line. You can buy the optimal templates for better results

-   It comes with a full one-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and free one-year service plan


Despite its many pros, the router does have its fair share of concerns that users have raised and will hopefully be addressed in future models. These include;

-   Changing bit is not as simple as inferred and it requires both wrenches to accomplish

-   The router is quite loud

-   Does not include an arbor locking button which is the convenient way of loosening the bit collet

-   There are some issues with the on/off switch


As aforementioned, there are several wood routers in the market and finding one should be relatively simple. Compared to other routers, Bosch 1617EVSPK kit performs quite well and fit quite well and fits most woodworking applications. When looking for a wood router, it is important to purchase from credible retailers that can provide genuine products from the manufacturer. It will not only give you a quality guarantee but also protect you from sub-standard counterfeits.

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