Black and Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

Sanding is a common activity for carpenters and woodworkers for ensuring a great and smooth finish for their products. And for this we need a great random orbital sander. Lets go for BDERO100 random orbit sander review and find out why we need this?

Several sanding tools are often used, but not all can give the fine smooth touch and finish that is expected, but the sanding job has been made possible, easier and perfects by the Black and Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander.

With great power, the random orbit sander has great performance and quality work which is also equipped with great maneuverability.

Being more compact than previous versions of sanders, the black and decker sander gives an ultra-smooth finish, and they are also short to bring the user close to the working surface for better services.

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Features Of Black and Decker BDERO100


The black and decker random sander is compact to ensure that its perfect performance as it works is well realized. It is also less in weight than former sander versions weighing at 3.2 pounds. This offers ease and comfort of the tool while being handled.


The tool works by random orbital action method which is a great feature that makes it possible for high removal and working rate of rough surfaces and this provides a high-quality finish. The orbital action is not only fast but also the tool is short allowing closer working space for the user which ensures optimal performance. This is one of the most popular dual action sanders among the users.


This tool has a hook and loop system that allows easy paper changes that enable the user to use their preferred paper easily and skillfully for sanding. The black and decker sander uses a sanding sheet which is well effective to give a quality finish.


The presence of a dust bag helps ensure the dust is not blown off but collected as the tool is working and prevents it from being inhaled by the user since it may cause respiratory problems if inhaled.The tool also has been fitted with a dust sealed switch that makes sure dust does not clog the tool at all while working. These features are in place to ensure that the BDERO100 random orbital sander is safe to use.

Long Lasting

This tool features are such that they help ensure it is long lasting. Features like the sealed switch which help ensure clogging of the tool is not a problem makes the tool durable. Another feature is the hook and loop system that allows easy and fast sandpaper change when it is worn out makes the tool last longer to give quality finish while working.


  • Hook and loop system that is part of the tools working mechanism ensure that the sandpaper changes are done easily and conveniently
  • This random orbit sander is one custom made with the smooth but strong pads to ensure the user achieves ultra-smooth finish
  • The orbit sander is short which brings its diyers close to the work surface ensuring a classic, and thorough job is achieved
  • Presence of a dust sealed switch helps keep the tool durable and extends its life since it prevents dust clog in the tool. The random orbital action movement the tool has enabled it to have a high removal rate and this, in turn, results in a quality finish


  • The use of sandpaper results to dust emission and though the tool has a dust bag; sometimes not all the dust is collected and hence the user has to protect himself by covering the nose
  • The tool is delicate and hence extra care is to be taken when handling the tool to prevent it from falling and breaking since it is not rubber sealed at the edges

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How frequently does one need to change the sandpaper?

Answer : It depends on the type of surface one uses the tool for sanding and also the time that a certain sandpaper has been used

Question : Does one need to apply force while using the tool for sanding?

Answer : The tool has a random orbital movement which results to quality sanding and thus the use user does not need to apply much force while using the tool

Final Verdict

For an ultra-smooth sanding job, this tool has been designed to provide the best service and at the comfort of the user. It comes well equipped and ensures that the expected job is perfectly handled with a great finish.

Safe and efficient for the user are added advantages to putting the Black and Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander among the top list of sanders worth purchasing.

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