Best Tube Notcher On The Market – Reviews 2020

Welders and other fabricators use notches cut onto pipe to help assemble or connect the pipes in secure fashion. There are many different ways to cut or create the notches in pipe, but for the purposes of our article we wanted to find the best tube notcher tool.

We asked some fabrication experts who use notched pipe in their work if they would review a few of these tools and tell us which ones they recommended, and why they recommended them. We also asked if they would explain to us what we should be looking for when we shopped for these devices.

Best Tube Notcher Reviews 2021

1. Woodward Fab Tube Hole Notcher 

This is a device that has the capability of securing one inch or two inch diameter pipe. While the pipe is secured you can weld on the pipe without fear of the pipe moving, shifting or rolling. You can actually use this device to work on any tubing that is two inches or less in diameter.

Woodward Fab Tube Hole Notcher

The tool has angle adjustments for 60 degree and 90 degree angles. You center the tube you wish to cut on the machine for the precision cutting of angles, or drilling of holes through the walls of the pipe.

The device is easy to use and does not require a lot of maintenance. It creates angles on your tubing that allow you to use it to complete your work.

2. Kaka PN-1/2A Aluminum Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher 

This device can help you to create perfect joints so you can make clean and secure welds that last longer and look better. It can accommodate pipes that have up to a two inch diameter/ It will even accept threaded arbor hole saws that are ½” to 5/8” in diameter.

Kaka Aluminum Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher

This device will help you create compound angles up to 45 degrees. The angle adjustments are made in one inch increments so you get a precise measured angle.

The device is made from aluminum so it is lightweight and easy to handle. It has clear and easy angle scales established on it. It is the perfect tool to use when fabricating items like a roll cage, or bike frame or go-kart frame.

This is a durable device that you will use repeatedly. It is easy to operate and easy to transport if you work at multiple locations.

3. Erie Tools Tube and Pipe Notcher Tool

This pipe notcher is a handy feature to increase the value of your drill press. It can assist you in making round cuts in the pipe or tubing you are working with. It serves angles that range from nothing to 45 degrees in aluminum pipes or tubing, and from nothing to 60 degrees in other metal tubing and pipes.

Erie Tools Tube and Pipe Notcher Tool

This tool has a steel frame that makes it very sturdy and capable. It is more durable than some other notches because the steel frame resists contortion or damage when pressure is applied.

This equipment can work with any tubing that is two inches in diameter or less. You can have clean notches that will improve your welds and create stronger connections using this device.

It is very easy to operate and will quickly become one of those tools that you wonder how you ever lived without it.

4. Kaka PN-1/2S Hole Saw Pipe tube Notcher

This tube notcher will allow you to have the ability to make perfect joints in your pipes and tubing. Those perfect joints will give you the ability to make smooth, clean welds that are stronger and more aesthetically pleasing than the normal welds might be. This notcher can make cuts in round pipes and tubing of all different shapes and sizes.

Kaka PN-1-2S Hole Saw Pipe tube Notcher

It is possible to cut any round pipe or tubing that is less than two inches in diameter using this device. You use the notcher in conjunction with your drill press or with your electric drill.

The notching device comes with a mounting bracket that is adjustable so you can cut compound notches easier and with more precision than ever before. It is very easy to use and provides precise settings that range from zero to sixty degrees. The degree of the setting is changed in one degree increments so you get the perfect angle that is not too large or too small.

5. Industrial Professional Pipe and Tube Notcher

This unique tubing notching equipment will allow you to create notches in round tubing that is anywhere from ¾” to 3” in diameter. The majority of other tubing notching tools will only allow you to create a notch in tubing that is 2 inches in diameter or less. This equipment handles diameters that are a full inch larger than most of their competitors.

Industrial Professional Pipe and Tube Notcher

It easily adjusts to accept the majority of standard hole saws. It can also be adjusted from a zero angle up to a fifty degree angle. It will properly work with any electric ½” drill and you can use it with a vise or as a top mount bench tool.

You can use this to create the popular fish mouth notches in a size range from ninety degrees to a huge one hundred and fifty degrees.

6. Eastwood Tube and Pipe Notcher Tool

Using this amazing tool you can create any angle of saddle notch that you desire for the purpose of welding. It is operational with any hole saw that measures up to a 2 ½” diameter. You will be able to create notches in tubes and pipes that are two inches in diameter or less.

Eastwood Tube and Pipe Notcher Tool

You are not strictly required to use this tool on round tubing or pipes. It can make notches in rectangular tubing that measures as large as 2 ½”. Your possibilities are greater with this device than with the majority of other devices like it.

The device is easy to use and requires no annual maintenance or upkeep. It is used with your power drill or drill press to help you create the cuts in round tubes that make those tubes easier to fit together and easier to weld into configurations.

Buying Guide

Not everyone needs a tubing notcher in their tool box. When you do need a tubing notcher your first instinct may be to run down to the tool store and grab one, but you need to know what features these tools can offer before you try to make this decision.

Diameter of Tubing

Your tubing notcher will limit you to a specific diameter of tubes and pipes. You want to make sure that you purchase one that is capable of operating on the size of tubing you use the most frequently.

The majority of these devices work on two inch diameter tubing or less. You have to search to find one that has the capacity to handle greater than a two inch diameter, but they do exist.

Round Tubing or Rectangular Tubing

If you know that you will never need to notch any tubing that is not round then go ahead and by a tubing notcher that specifies that it works with round tubing. If you ever think that you might want to work with tubing that is rectangular at some point in time then make sure that the notching tool you buy can be used with both round and rectangular tubing.

Steel or Aluminum

The tubing notcher that is made from steel is stronger and less likely to be contorted during heavy use than the notcher that is made from aluminum.

The notcher that is made from aluminum is lighter and easier to maneuver, move or pick up than the notcher with a steel frame.

Both steel and aluminum notchers are handy and will be durable, but the final decision will be dependent on how light you want the tool to be, and whether you will possibly need to apply some force during the notching operation that could contort the frame of the device.

Angle Degrees

You will qu8ickly see that these devices vary greatly in the angle degrees that they can support. You need to basically know what angle you will need to apply to the tubing the most often so you can be certain to buy a notcher that accommodates that angle.

Most of these tools allow for angle adjustment. Get one that allows you to make your angle adjustments in one degree increments so you can have the perfect angle every time.

Final Note

If you are looking for a tubing notcher that can handle round tubing and rectangular tubing then we suggest the Eastwood Tube and Pipe Notcher Tool. This device can handle tubing that has a diameter up to 2” and it can handle rectangular tubing up to 2 ½”.

If you are looking for a tubing notcher that can handle larger tubes and pipes then we recommend the Industrial Professional Pipe and Tube Notcher. This device will notch round tubes or pipes that have a diameter between ¾” and 3”.

A tube notcher may not be something that you use every day, but when you need to create a fish mouth pattern on a tube, or you need to notch a tube to make a clean and secure weld there is just no replacement for this tool.

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