VOKUL X1 Complete Pro Scooter for Inter and Advanced Rider

When you need the best stunt scooter for intermediate and advanced riders, the Complete Pro Scooter with an aluminum design is ideal for your purpose. This solid piece of equipment has a version that is fitted with flashing lights as you ride.

More so, most of the Complete Pro Scooter features are designed elaborately to withstand advanced riding. There are two units of adjustable 120mm 3D Wheels, efficient brake system, and handlebars with an enormous upgrade.

VOKUL X1 Complete Pro Scooter for Inter and Advanced Rider

Teenagers and adults can ride safely with confidence on the road, sidewalks, and even at bigger competitions at the state park. The compact but lightweight Pro Scooter is 8.8lbs(4kg), and riders can easily lift the machine.

Features Of This VOKUL X1 Scooter

Suitable for new stunts: Perform and improve riding skills with the ease to navigate bumps on the road. With the Complete Pro Scooter for Inter and Advanced Riders;  the 180 or 360-degree flips, tail whips, barspin, one-hander are seamless to display during competitions. More difficult tricks like the no-hander, fakie, and no-footer are easy to master when you practice your stunts.

Sturdy construction: The genuine craftsmanship that produced this scooter makes it one of the best freestyle pro scooter you can find in the marketplace. The deck is solidly made from aircraft-grade aluminum quadruple lock holes clamps.

High value for money: Some superb materials have been used to design this Complete Pro Scooter. Notably are; the reinforced integral single headtube and threadless 3D heat-treated forged fork with sealed HIC compression. With the use of these high-grade materials, the scooter is still affordable.

More features: Many regular scooters of this grade come with smaller wheels, but this has a smooth 120mm 3D aluminum core wheels. When you ride, competitors can't take their eyes off your spinning wheels. 

Light handlebars: The handlebar made of this Complete Pro Scooter (for Inter and Advanced Riders) is built with aircraft-grade aluminum that makes it lighter than lighter than regular Chromoly bar designed handlebars.


  1. Suitable features like the dimensions of the deck and bar; 24.6" by 24.6" (Height X Width) and 20.7" by 4.5" (Length X Width) respectively.
  2. The lightweight scooter is 8.8lbs(4kg), but strong enough to accommodate a maximum of 300lbs(135kg) load (kids, teenager, and adults can ride)
  3. Designed for state parks' competition that allows intermediate, advanced and master pro scooter riders.
  4. Allows beginner riders to perform and master new stunts safely without being a professional rider.


  1. When you perform stunts that require landing from a height, there's no even distribution of landing forces across the deck’s exterior. Instead, the rider hears some loud vibrations after landing from a jump. The deck's neck is poorly designed to produce resonance.

Final Note

As an intermediate or advanced rider, you will require performing some demanding tricks at the park. Your old scooter might fall apart with neck-breaking stunts, but the Complete Pro Stunt Scooter wouldn't. All the interchangeable parts ( Aluminum handlebar, fork, deck, and 120mm 3D wheels) are compact, and durable to give the riding effects you desire.

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